Sunday, April 19, 2009


The oh so exciting day came upon us......

Saturday April 18th 2009.
All American Rejects !!!!!
and my new bf Tyson Ritter :D

We were more than excited to start our day when we woke up Saturday morning after a long Friday night- different definitions of (long) to each of the four of us hehe.
Parties and Boys and Fun Fun :)

Yet the upside it was Saturday afternoon and we were ready to start our Adventure !!!!

So Sexy......

Being the documentarist- is that a word???
A fan of Documentary Photography hahaha.
I documented EVERY move ! Down to the gas stations we stopped at.
(Not Kidding, I have three pictures)
Yet aside from the 86 photos/videos I took yesterday I will only make you suffer through few.
Just so you get the feeling of our tremendous day !!!!!

Erin and John hoppin in the big truck for the long drive.........
But it wasn't as long as I had anticipated......
And we just happened to be going by my home town so we stopped in to my place of employment for lunch.
Mac's !!!!!
Mac's is a 50's style drive-in restaurant :)
And I have never loved a job as much....and what makes it best is my BEST FRIENDS work with me :)
Morghan my BFF, Brandon, James, Chett and recently Prince Charming.
Mac's is a Seasonal restaurant and curently in its 49th Season :)
We're so excited.
And the girls were super excited that we were stopping :)
With a menu full of choices we had a beautiful array of food :)
Delicious Root Beer Floats and Fries ! :)
They Loved It !
(Oh, they have 2 Root Beer Spigets)

Erin John and Sydmiester- waiting for Food :)

Food's here ! Time to dig in ! :)
Fish, Burgers, Fries, Honey Buns :) and Root Beer Floats
courtesy of my little friend and co-worker Andrew.

Sydmiester and John outside of Mac's before we depart again to continue our Journey to AAR !

1 1/2 Later we Arrived in Geneseo !

Woot Woot !!!! :D

At the concert :)

Sydmiester and me (my arm) rockin out !!!!!
We were so excited to be there and completely impatient for it to start !
Syd and I equally LOVE this picture !
It has great balance and I love the compliments of the stripes :)
And the fact that our faces are missing.
Countdown to AAR- about 2 hours !
On stage........
Vedera our new found favorite !!!!!! Absolutely incredible band.
Kristen May vocalist for the group has an amazing stage presence and a truly amazing voice !!!!!!!
See them here.....

the above song is called Satisfy.......listen to Forgive you, We sing (our fav !!!) and Loving Ghosts :)
After their performance Kristen was giving out free sampler Cd's and her autograph :)
Here she is...........

Kristen May of Vedera---- seriously listen to them :)

After Vedera.......we were given the pleasure to see Ace Enders and a Million Different People and Shiny Toy Guns....
Not a fan of Shiny Toy Guns--but Ace Enders was pretty good......
Bittersweet Symphony and Reaction!!!!! Excellent songs :)
Then at promptly 9:52-odd huh.
Bethoven and Bach stopped blaring and AAR appeared on stage to bright Neon flames and red white and blue strobe lights !!!!!
AMAZING !!!!!!
And again, Tyson Ritter !!!!!! So Sexy.......

There he is !!!!!!! Tyson !!!!!!!!
Dirty Little Secret !

I can't forget, Kristen May joined Tyson on stage to sing a
Together they sang AAR's
Another Heart Calls
which by the way......was 10x better than the version above.
The version with Kristen doesn't exist YET !
But her voice with Tyson's is WAY better.
So I'm hoping that somewhere someday I can find the version of Another Heart Calls with Tyson and Kristen :)
It's still a great song....

The girls and I being crazy----Rockin/CHeezin out to the beats :D

At about 11:15 we hit the road back to school- wishing instead we were crashing a party in hopes of seeing my beautiful Tyson :)
Wouldn't that be great !

..........about 2 1/2 hours later we arrived back.
Super tired and WAY EXCITED about our day !

All in All we had a fantastic day- full of memories and lots of pictures ! :)

Sweet Dreams



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