Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never..... say Never.

Well so Sydmiester has been trying to get me to watch Twilight for weeks now, and the whole damsal and vampire shit just wasn't intriguing me at all.
I mean EVERYONE has been raving over this and I'm not one to be jumping on a lot of bandwagons....hahaha who am I kidding- I LOVE BANDWAGONS !
Anyway so for weeks now I have not wanted to watch this movie, like literally NO INTEREST.
I thought Edward was geeky and strange.
SO last night sitting in the ever popular A and D, where we tend to spend most our nights lately.
We were wasting time, time of which I could have been enjoying my sleep.
I was watching my new addiction, vh1 Tough Love.
I love that show.
Anyway so I was getting bored and blogging of course about my new aformentioned obsession.
When Syd said that we should watch Twilight.
No thanks.
Well then we should watch a really like deep love passionate movie, like really, she said.
Now, the movie-totally.
The love, O-M-G yew.
But now Twilight. No way.
After about 10 minutes of small talk argument.....
Syd just started it on YouTube.

Much to my dismay, I began watching it.
Oh no ! I was actually watching it, I was being sucked into the vortex of Teeny Bopper World.
I was watching Twilight.
Mind you each second I even peered away from the screen, Syd snapped at me.
Meghan !
HAhaha- she's crazy.

Well Whew....Actually we should take a break now, I'm tired.
Just kidding.
Anyway, background.
It is now 12:27 adn we had just begun watching this movie.
Again, I could have been sleeping !
Mind you I needed sleep because the following day, or actually the current day because of the time was Dolphy Day.
Which is a day of complete mischief, an entire college campus closes,
To drink.
Not juicy pink lemonade.
Yes Beer and Vodka Mixes.
Haha and because Prince Charming attends this lovely academic institution of higher learning and because last year I couldn't attend.
I was going damn it !
Bet Your Cute Little Tooshie !
I would be there.

Well so again it was 12:27.
And yes we were just beginning Twilight.

Can I just say.

Never say Never.
It was within the first 12 minutes and complete supervision of Sydmiester that I was completely
hooked. Not just enticed. I mean hooked.
I had fallen in love with Edward Cullen and his sexy stare and bold jaw structure.
He's sexy as hell !
Don't we agree???
I mean WOW.
I think the fact that he's a Vampire just turned me on more.
Not a lie !

So the movie continued and I really don't want to give away any key plot lines or cute parts to anyone that has not seen it......
So at this point I would like to suggest you go Youtube the movie, (click on the link above) Parts 1-12 can be found ( 6 and 7 are a bit harder to find)
But the whole movie is there.
Or go rent it.

If you have not seen the movie and wish to
Because below is where I vent and express my eternal love for Edward !
Spoilers Below !

Emmmmm so sexy.........
Edward Cullen is so sexy......

Ok... so here we go.....
Sydmiester and Al at this point are talking/laughing/giggling through the whole thing dang it !
Mentioning every 4 minutes that I can't miss the next part, it's the best part.
Or just let out a tiny shriek that the following sceen is the best.
So if youc an't tell the whole movie is just dolphin back flippin phenomanal BATMAN !
(I say that alot when I get excited)
Much like Holy Cow !
Anyway.....ahhhh my baby hamster batman died this summer, i loved her. RIP Batman :(
And my fishie Sushi :(

Ok so Edward.......he's sexy.
Did I mention that :)

Ok so the girls were just distracting me major but I was completely hooked.
I couldn't sit still long enough to contain my happiness.
So stinkin cute :)

Ahhhhh to be Bella........

(Still Dreaming)



So this ^^^^^ is one of my fav parts.
Go to 8:48
When Bella needs to be taken away so shes not found by James....the bad vampire.
Edwards sister* Alice takes her with her because james knows that Edward will not leave Bella.
They had to throw him off.....
"Nothings gonna happen...theres 7 of us and 2 of them....when everythings done I'm gonna come back and get you..... Bella your my life now...(ah and then he grabs her face)
and wow (popular trend here)
I feel his pain--the look in his can feel his pain.
(I love his passion for her)
I love the way he looks at her.
I love that she is absolutely intoxicating to him !

Ahhhhhh I tree ! I love the tree part too.
So gorgeous. Ah so sexy.........

I love that shortly after Bella and Edward split up to throw James off track he calls her to tell her they lost him and to be careful.
When he says he'd do anything to protect her, have her safe again.
My heart melts.
Like literally.
I mean really, it makes him so much sexier that he's so passionate.

Emmmmm and this.....

Go to 3:28

Bella's Lullaby :) I love it.
"I like watching you sleep....its kinda fascinating to me"
Ahhhhhhhh so sexy- his voice is sooooo sexy.

And their kiss ! :)

I love that he has the strength to pull himself away.
I love that he loves her that much.
The fact that he can't lose control with her is so special. He watches her sleep.
So special.
And that's why he's sexy.

And finally.....
Go to 8:13

"I'll make it go away Bella"

An amazing metaphor.
The fact that he needs to suck the venom so she remains a human
yet to him, shes the most intoxicating, irresitable thing he's ever experienced.
Is so powerful.
He has to, to save her life. But because its the best thing he's ever had
he's afraid he won't have the strength to stop.
It's so wonderful he doesn't have the strength to stop.
Bella is hospitalized
Refuses to leave the love of her life.
Stays with him.
And they Dance.
The begin their life together. Human and Vampire.


And now I'm infatuated. One of the best movies I have ever seen.
I'm still amazed and absoultey heels over head for Edward Cullen.
Much like every other female ranging from 10- 65 in the world.
But I can share.
And I can't wait to start reading the second book.
All thanks to Sydmiester. Love you Babygirl !

Soooooo Sexy.......

Never.....say never.
You'll miss out.


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