Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Lovely Ladies

Out For AshWe's Birthday !!!!
We had a night full of fun and laughter for Ash's Birthday
I wanted to share a photo I tweaked on Picnik :)


All I wanna do is lie in bed with you

All I really ever need is you.
All I gotta do is give up all I have to be with you.

The What the F*** Blanket

Saturday, February 21, 2009

SUshi Night :)

We got all dressed up and went out for a night of shopping
Just Girls ! <3
Erin, Coll, and I splurged at FOrever21
and indulged in delicious Sushi after :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebration of THursday, Mad Gab, and the Number 100 !!

For one I suck, I had no idea I was at my 10oth Post !!!! WOO HOO ! What a milestone!
That is exactly how stressed I am, I have entirely too much on my plate right now,
I can't keep up with the amount of work that I have
and my roommate and I live in an absolute pigsty !
No joke !

Haha I warned you !

We do however have a really cute door I recently created :)

School is redic this semester, for one Stats=DEATH. Two, I have entirely too much homework in Advanced Graphics and Advertising adn Developmental Psych occupies my mind so my thinking in all other aspects of life are swayed. We Party Lots, Laugh More, and Sleep little to none, my life is completely depicted right now by the song I Love College by Asher Roth find him on youtube, great song. Also speaking of youtube, look up Kittens inspired by kittens, No I'll give you a link, here you go watch that ! It will make your day, I'm not kidding.
So yes back to school, nah nevermind thats enough on school.
We had our weekly homemade Sunday dinner and a movie this week, Miss Ashlee made a delish Chicken Asparagus Dish with white rice- out of this world! The week before I made a garlic ziti pasta bake with fabulous italian bread. About 5 of us like to start the week out with a homemmade meal, it feels good on Sundays to have warm yummy food and good friends to spend the night with. We never get any work done but oh, well. It's College haha.
And this is my life !
That's C- DeCrack ! The Roommate ! She'll kill me !

That's the Sydmiester ! She's crazy !

That's The BEaver aka: E- Crow as she has named herself, she thinks she can Rap

And thats Miss Ash and Me ! Oh boy is all I can say
I seem to think I'm awfully attractive haha, and Ash hasn't learned to smile properly yet !

Thats Us Lately HAHA !

So were decorating martini glasses sometime this weekend, YAy ! Erin and Syd made their papermache letters to match ours this week. And speaking of the weekend, tomorrow night to kick it of were going out for Sushi !
Ashlee and Felicity haven't experienced the wonderful world of Sushi !
And I have decided it is time for them to become one of the obsessed !
MMmmm and Sushi, for Valentines day, Prince Charming and I went to a place back home called Plum Garden, JApanese deliciosity ! OMG- they made it at our table, it was like a dinner show, extremely entertaining and so yummy !
We got lost ont eh way but it was an adventure. Memories everyday. :)

Hmmm so whats next, I love the song Hero by Akon, have you heard it. It's not the most politically correct song, but oh well. The language is a little explicit, but I love it ! Akon's voice is just mezmerizing to me.

Mad Gab Party Tonight- So excited I am the QUEEN of MadGab ! QUEEN !!!
Give this one a guess:
Canoe Key Pace He Grit

(I'll post the answer to it tomorrow)
HAHAH I love this game ! Can't wait.

I was awake until 530 this morning then went to sleep to wake up at 8:00 for class that was wonderous, and hey I was writing a paper for a class that was cancelled I love that !
Ugh that was irritating.

Ok well here it comes !!!! The 100th Post !!!!!!!
There will be a giveaway and I will post that tomorrow I want to be able to have a picture of the gifts for when I post the giveaway.
Hint Hint, the lucky winner will be receiving some of my favorite things !!!!!
Ok lovers have a great night.
I'll probably post that tonight actually so be on the look out !!!!
Meg <3>

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tunes

Haha I would love to give you a week long post of what I've been up to but the stress continues ! It never ends ! I have projects coming out the WAHZOO ! AH and I can't keep up !
Anyway I was thinking of my Jakey today :( and I wanted to post these lyrics

From Raise your voice- Hilary Duff, Someone's Watching Over Me :)

Found myself today
Oh I found myself and ran away
Something pulled me back
The voice of reason I forgot I had
All I know is you're not here to say
What you always used to say
But it's written in the sky tonight

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

Seen that ray of light
And it's shining on my destiny
Shining all the time
And I wont be afraid
To follow everywhere it's taking me
All I know is yesterday is gone
And right now I belong
To this moment to my dreams

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say
And it doesn't matter how long it takes
Believe in yourself and you'll fly high
And it only matters how true you are
Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even when it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That someone's watching over
Someone's watching over
Someone's watching over me

Someone's watching over me

XOXO Meg <3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ohhhh Cupid, tell Prince Charming....

That this is my dream Valentines/Anniversary Gift Please :) <3
It would match my necklace and bracelet oh so nicely <3

Wishful Girlfriend a few days before Valentines and Anniversary :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 in the 6th

Tag I'm it !
I was recently tagged to put up the 6th photo in my 6th folder !
How fun !

Ok well that was fun until I found the picture :(
My I-photo dates back quite a few years, and my 6th album happened to be of all of High School Graduation photos, both the ceremony, and parties.
And this photo is from my graduation party, and it happens to be of Jacob :(
My second family, my best friend Ben, Poppa Thomas, Myself and Jakey <3
I can't help but think that this means he's thinking of all of us, just as we are of him.
That was a painful find......

Ok Ladies, tag your 6th in your 6th !
Explain and tag 6 :)

Sweet Nothings
Confessions of an Overweight Shopaholic
Bergdorf Blondes
Chic and Pink
Jaded Jill
Good Gal's Inc.

<3 Meg

Scrapper Awards !

I also received the Honest Scrap award from the lovely Jules @ Chic and Pink
Who's Blog is Fabulous by the way <3

With this award, I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself. So....

1. Paranoia is my middle name ! Figuratively

2. Ummmm I'm terrified of flying-which could be a huge issue seeing that I what to travel everywhere haha

3. I'm incredibly jumpy- which is directly correlated to my paranoia I assume haha- literally the tiniest things make me jump, even if I expect it haha

4. Post- Its- absolute obsession! Don't ask me how many packages I have I can't count that high.

5. Funny thing: Sophomore year in High School I began to collect Dum Dum wrappers, with the goal in mind of making rainbows out of them, like Mod Podging them onto the boots- I thought this was the coolest idea ever- needless to say never happened- but I have almost 3000 !!!!! I can't part with them hahah

6. Within the past few days one of my best friends was taken from me, he was a brother to me. I have never experienced so much pain. The feeling is still so surreal. But I know he's watching us, and he's happy where he is. "Nothing is fair in love, but love is what gave him his life, and love is what will get us through together."

7. I laugh entirely too much, wait there is no such thing haha- I've added about 12 years to my life :)

8. Chalk- I hate it- no idea why- couldn't tell you why haha- just can't stand it ! Chalkboard, never- Tum's even make me cringe.

9. I'm in love with country music ! The stories mean everything to me

10. I'm writing a novel. A fantastic one too I'll add. :)
The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second present the award to@ other bloggers.

I now give this award to the following lovely ladies:

Jill @ Peeptoe pumps and pearls
Sara @ Football and Fried Rice
Lipgloss Lounge

The Worlds greatest Loss

So today I wanna talk about love, not puppy love or even romantic love but love lost.
I lost one of my best friends yesterday morning, he was more than a friend he was a brother, not biologically but certainly in heart.

His name was Jacob, and he is an Angel.
He changed everyones life that he touched, he was incredible so full of life and love and fantastic things to offer the world !!! He put every person in this world before himself, and always will. To be so young and already be such an amazing person is something that is a rare find in this world. He lives Forever with us.

For the first time in life, I think I'm experiencing pain, I'm empty and I suddenly feel alone. Reminiscent on the past and the days I have spent with him. The things that we talked of, and the laughs we shared will be of my greatest memories.
Never to be forgotten.
Jacob was 16 years old, not old enough or nearly ready to leave this world.
Yet his life was taken from him, and he from all of us. I know that he is looking at us right now and I know that he is in the best place he can be.
It's hard not to be selfish and wish he was still with us, but it is important to stay strong for him, as this is what he would wish for.
But the pain fills our hearts, as does confusion and endless questions.

Nothing is fair in love, but remembering that love is what gave him his life is the important thing, and love is what will get us through all of this together.
I can't help but think how unfair it is that someone so young can be taken from the world. Jacob was someone that no one will ever forget- the world lost an amazing person, but God aquired an amazing angel.

"He'll stay with us as long as the wind blows, He'll always be in our hearts,
he didn't leave us alone, he has eternal life. His spirit is always within us.
And if the sun shines in the sky, and the rain should fill the air,
and a rainbow lights up your day. Know he is there"....
and we will always remember him as the Angel he is.
May you forever live in the sky.
Love you little brother <3
Forever My Angel - J.T. <3

XOXO My Amazing Baby !