Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Rocks!

For One lets say our college sucks and cant take a joke.
Two we are the 4 most creative sneaky girls EVER !

So today started out and I had no plans of tricks I wanted to keep it low key
GO figure my life never goes as planned and why should today be any different.
Iwill make each situation as short as possible:

So one friend told her boyfriend she was pregnant, and he in return told his mom- guess the joke was on her LOL !

Then we tied multiple doors together with shoelaces- two doors across from each other so they couldn't get out- that was funny.

We parked a friends car in the middle of the quad.

We put yogurt in a conditioner bottle.

My friends mattress was stolen and hidden away.
SO we Tilted a trash can of water against a door, knocked and ran away.
Now this is where the day of fun went terribly wrong......because retaliation struck, my friend was almost given a swirly not to mention it was from a boy.
Something seems strangely wrong here, i don't think its just me.
So he threw a bucket of baby powder into their room and yeah that's where the day ended.
The Drama began in sooooo many areas.

We locked ourselves in our room and the four of us watched movies
Just girls :)

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