Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top 10 things to do when you're bored....

This is is you are an artzy fartzy person like me.....

* Create a picture frame--- collage your favorite pictures- magazine cutouts or image icons from the computer or just paint your favorite design on a wooden frame ($1.99 at most craft stores)---get creative these can be sooo much fun :)

* Watch a couple girly movies with your best friends--paint your fingers and toes and enjoy hot cocoa or a cocktail <3 (lots of pillows and good stories required)

* Start a scrapbook or a journal----its never to late- I started one recently and I love it---make it with pictures or words or both---they are fun to make and even better to share and look back on....(add all your memories and fun jokes or quotes :)

* Because Halloween is coming heres a few festive ideas---
Make a Jar-o-Lantern--- find or purchase an old jar-- and paint the inside orange
(or any color you wish) stencil or freehand a face on the outside and fill it with
fun Halloween candies (very cute decorations :)

* This idea is really fun for Christmas---especially little gift ideas-- Hot chocolate
cones persay >>> all you need is cone shaped cake decorating bags--hot cocoa any flavor, a box of teddy grahmns, marshmellows, mini chocolate chips and raffia ribbon (you can get fancy and make fun gift tags as well :)
So you just layer the ingedients(as much as you'd like for each--hot cocoa--chocolate chips--marshmellows--place teddy grahmns around inside of bag--tie with pretty ribbon and tag--and your good to go-- hot cocoa ready !

* Start an online blog--- its a great way to express yourself in any way you choose--
share stories or quotes and pictures-- give advice and start polls and conversations
any way you choose will be interesting to someone and especially for you :)

* Bake a batch of your favorite cookies and have fun decorating them while watching
your favorite movie :)

* Fun Snack Ideas>>> dirt cups >>> mix up some chocolate pudding-- and crush up some
oreos and fill some cups with oreos then pudding then topped with more oreos then finally add some colorful gummie worms for a fun and creepy treat ! :)

* Papered glass coasters--- find your favorite papers--wallpapers etc. to match the
room in question-- get some MOD PODGE glue and glue the bottom of the coasters and
place the paper where desired design side up-- attach four felt dots to the bottoms
of each coaster and your ready to use !!

* MY FAVORITE IM TRYING NEXT !!!!--- photo cubes !! find a 4 to 6 inch wooden cube
(most craft stores) and mod podge your favorite photos or images (black and white
looks sharpest)to each side of the cube and you can then add embellishments and use
as decoration in any way you like !!!


Until Tomorrow

10 things Im thinking about on a Tuesday-- actually Wednesday at 12:00 am

* White Hot Cocoa is the ultimate relaxation <3
* I wonder what I'll dream about tonight
* Is 12:00 sharp both the last minute of tuesday and the first of wednesday-
and what happens if something significant occurs do they say tuesday or
* I can't wait to go apple picking :)
* The smell of fall- the candles, pumpkin, spices, apples, the warm and cozy smell is
completely captivating :)
* When will I be able to afford my puppy......
* I should have bought a White Mocha Latte this afternoon...damn
* I miss Morghan
* Hmmm that bed looks sooo comfortable and why am i still awake.....

Well until tomorrow


The WAIT is finally over !!!

Sex and the City the Movie was released onto shelves this morning !!!!

Until Tomorrow

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I realized that's how he makes me feel, not just safe, but happy. He makes me laugh, and I know he'll be there for me when I cry. He's always been there for me, and I'm just finally realizing how rare that is"

Visiting the BF for the weekend ! <3
Until tomorrow

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melt your heart <3

Due to my Monday Night Television Obsession:

One Tree Hills-- James Lucas Scott <3
and Lucas and soon to be Peyeton Scott
and Gossip Girls- Serena and Dan

Stay TUned
Until TOmorrow




CG AmazeMINT Lipgloss
here's the twist it actually contains Crest peppermint oils so it leaves your lips plump,
full of moisture and feelings tingly !!!! Its great !!!!!
I picked a shade called No Care Bare because daily i prefer nude, natural shades just so my natural lip color has high gloss and shine--- the really awesome thing is that the colors contain subtle blue undertones to make your smile naturally appear brighter !!! :D And the feeling of that coolmint really gives you quite the rush !!!
Drugstores- about 5 $

Until tomorrow

Monday, September 15, 2008

Addicts !

So our school has Movie Nights every weekend where we can watch new movies that have just left the theatres, it gives us a chance to do something fun Sunday nights before the week starts again-- so one of my roomates Brittany and I are super DIE-HARD fans and we attended SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE- twice this weekend- both showings--- showing up a 1/2 hour before each showing to get good seats- equipped with waters-candies-pillows and of course plenty of tears !!!
So the sweet thing is there is a drawing for the official movie poster ! And with all the movies we've attended we have never won and TODAY WE DID !!!!
Here is our new PRIDe AND JOY !

I guess we supercalifragi-sexiiii nothing to be playing with !!!!!
Until Tomorrow

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Found Love <3

My newest favorite toy---- Photobucket Scrapblog :) <3

Lost In Communication

Today I was looking through my pictures, coming across a photo taken almost a year ago- of my parents holding hands, i thought that is what I envy in ‘real romance.’ it’s moments like this that stand out, a. because i don't see them often in too many people and, b. i always wonder if Brian and I will be like that forever.
Then I got thinking--communication has been streamlined by the internet in the last 10 years or so and something essential to the process of falling in love has been lost. It is clear that the digital era has affected our communication both positively and negatively. One we can talk to people in Africa for free but two the romance in one's voice cannot be sensed across Adium (one of Mac's versions of AIM). Now we can type up mindfully-crafted statements rather than going face-to-face and improvising from the heart. Everyone says that the internet is making our lives so much simpler-- but in the fast paced life we all lead, is this the type of communication we long for at the end of a long day.... Is the internet communication age holding the answer for the thing we all want to find???
Just one, really great love story.

Until Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am currently working on a project visually representing OCD--- with OCD are associated many obsessions (repeated/constant fears) and compulsions (actions repeated in need to alleviate the fear).
Working on this project I've come to find that I myself have many obsessions !
Try it---- you'll be surprised theres probably more than you think....

>>Post-ITs--- I've always been obsessed with Post-ITs--- i have to have them attached to everything- both in depth and daily to do lists- wants-needs-movies-songs etc.
MY MAC is my best friend because the app. Stickies SAVES MY LIFe --- haha

>>Safety- I'm paranoid of gettting hurt- I check the locks on doors at least 10 times

>>ALarm Clock- I'm petrified I'm going to miss something

>> being out of the loop- I hate not knowing whats going on

>> Germs-- I'm not crazy about this but hygenie GOD- if something looks semi-gross FORGET IT

>>BOYS BATHROOMS-- I gag- simply put

>> Fire-- I used to have a bag packed with my favorite things- I was willing to live without them so in case of a fire- I would have them ready to go with me

>> Perfectionist- I'm obsessed with perfection in WORK strictly-- evrything has to be over the top- JUST SO

theres so many more-- I can't list- either too personal or i don't want to bore you

Until tomorrow

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Bee

Running around today mainly crazy projects going on in each of my five classes
I woke up after a very short sleep- exhausted no need to say :(
Lunch- good surprisingly
Class to discover I would be creating a webpage about a Spa
quick relax period-
priced and attempted to plan spring break--- not happening haha
meeting for travel club- France-Austria-Switz ! and the Alps YES ! Coming up in May 2009 :D
than class is where I'm sitting now creating a public service announcement using only imagery depicting OCD
time is dragging and tonight is my TV night GG OTH and the HILLS :D
I'll update you more tomorrow
remember it's only life :)

Until tomorrow

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ruby Locks <3

Died the hair :D
Loving It

Tomorrow <3

Sush :(

Ps. our second fish in just 2 weeks Died the other day
We're starting to think that we really suck ! haha
Sush short for Sushi was a lively fish when Leah brought him home yet after day 4 he started to look weaker-- we weren't sure whether he needed more oxygen-- was a second nemo-- had a tumor-- was pregnant haha- or we were overfeeding him
Any way we suck !

Day 10- Starting to loose air---lungs slowing down--

approx... 8 minutes after staring at Sush swim rather weirdly, I was interupted in the shower by Leah with the no longer breathing Sush-- shortly after we all said goodbye and waved as he joined Cupid in the Cazenovia Sewer Pipes :(
R.I.P Cupid and Sush

Cupid--- 1 1/2 days old
Sush--- 10 days old

Until next time

Kind of bored today...did my Graphics readings--- learning about the importance of space adn that it can impact almost anyone visually by taking the position of teh foreground or background or both .....interesting and knowlegable writers.
Anyway on another note I spent another weekend with the BF, actually if it's possible this weekend almost beat the last time I wrote- I apologize I've been lost the past week both in my own thoughts and books.
My best friend and her significant other joined us Friday night we had the best time going to dinner and to a movie-- talking and catching up--- its crazy the amount of things that can happen i a few weeks that you can 't explain on the phone-- it was so great to see them and party with them :)
Saturday afternoon I spent wrapped in Brian's arms with the worst hangover in over a year-- I'd rather not experience that again for awhile- I'm taking a break
well at least until that night--- 2 of my roomates came to visit---sooooo fun ! :)
we went out of course and I drank---OF course! haha
although thank god not as heavily as the night before :)
Brian and I stayed awake for hours as Always-- talking :)
This morning i woke up my stomach feeling much better my heart not so much---- 20 minutes after waking up--- I said goodbye :(
Tough but a happy goodbye to another amazing weekend
now I'm watching The Perfect Man
and thats pretty much all for today :)
Until tomorrow


Monday, September 1, 2008

Vacation for the Heart

I just spent the most incredible weekend ever with my boyfriend and I realized more than ever that sometimes all you need is to reminise :) The greatest feelings and outcomes come just from talking :)
A conversation started about the first time Brian and I had met---starting off, the conversation seemed as if it would last 5 minutes but ending with a laugh and a huge smile it was 3 and 1/2 hours later. I learned a lot of things about him that I had never noticed before--- for instance I always thought that he was WAY out of my league and I could never have a chance with him if I tried however despite my negativity I tried. And actually he was thinking the same thing- he was amazed that I was interested in him...the amazign part is that I'm discovering all of this almost 3 years later haha. But if you had asked me 3 years ago what I'd be doing in three years the LAST thing i would have said was I'm completely in love ! <3
Thats another conversation totally .....
anyway..... at the same time I was nervous I'd never have a chance, Brian was completely estatic that I liked him---- I was different----so he put it.... I didn't play basketball and softball but I was capable all the same. I ran to my own music I never followed the pack---- but Im making myself sound like a complete geek right now haha
and by him telling me I was different was the first time I ever realized that I really was.... I live my life with quotes and love stories....and I want to record my life experiences so they too can be a story... essentially I want my own Notebook <3 looove that movie...
I cry to classical music and I LIVe to think differently....not in a crazy freaky needing therapy way but still differently.
I'm a complete sucker for anything pink and anything that smells completely delicious--- Im happiest in my sweatpants watching Mona Lisa Smile and baking peanut butter cookies or watching a basketball game in my jersey--- my life is not glamourous in any way but thats the exact way I prefer it--- I enjoy spending rainy days scrap booking and spending weekends in bed cuddling. And all these things made me different not from everyone but from the other girls around. And this is exactly how I got my chance....by being me. No one makes me happier or makes me feel safer than Brian and thats completely cliche but honestly whole heartedly true.
As our conversation continued we discovered that if we only took a risk at the time we would have found out we were thinking the exact same thing....then a question.....
He asked me what made him right? How did I know.....???
When I was little I began I wanted nothing more than for someone to sing to me...to put there feelings in a song that was made for me and I told my dad this... he told me when you grow up you will find someone that not only sings to you but to your heart.... From then on I was a sucker for guitar players, and basketball players---man they were MY THING....so through M.S. and H.S all I wanted was to be able to go to games and sit there smiling----thats my boyfriend :)
Junior year came around and thats what I got--- Brian was the best on the team # 24 and everyone loved him---but I was his number one fan ! and he played guitar----<3
But...yes there are other guitar playing basketballers out there and maybe they'd make me just as happy-- but he's the one I was always looking for..... without him I'm incomplete (LMM)
He is my definition of: Perfect <3 and to me he's all I'll ever need.
When i can go to sleep at night with a smile and wake-up to his----I'm complete <3