Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kerboble of stuff....or copius is you prefer.

Ohhh Hey Fellow bloggers.
I was very excitedly reminiscing on my childhood this morning and a group of movies that I used to absolutely love. The thing is and this may be a little bit strange, but I still love them. Honestly TV was so much better back them, movies included.
Anyway. The Wee Sing Tapes!
Have you heard of them?
Well they are fantastic, being a young child and absolutely captivated into a world of song and dance and immagination truly makes you believe that anything is possible !
It's nice to escape from the every day once in a while and when your young you do that everyday.
There is so much more time when your 5 to enjoy the magical worlds in the movies.
I wish I could force myself to enjoy them again. Have the time to I mean.
Fortunatley :) I was able to watch WeeSing: The BEst Christmas Ever this past christmas and by golly I still rememeber every word to those songs :)
Prince Charming was a little less than thrilled I must say to be watching such childish things but he knows its me and I'm still a big kid inside :)
Check them out though- they're all on DVD nowadays, I should honestly consider purchasing them for my kids someday.

I truly do suggest these for anyone with small children from 1-10 or heck even 20 haha.
They'll enjoy them for hours a day and years to come :)

And Gossip Girl Wow- Blair and Nate Yay ! :) However I love her and Chuck and I love Nate and Vanessa too- maybe not Yay but Yay for her being happy.
I knew Poppy would be a bad influence.
Chuck and V! WOW
Nate and B's Kiss Cutest Ever :)
Betcha saw that one comin to huh V ?

PS. One Tree Hill Update- this weeks episode was a cliff hanger go freaking figure......
Doesn't return until Spril 20th ! Just Fantastic.
And I'm concerned cause it stated when they return it will be the Fianl 5 Episodes.
Now does this mean Ever?
Or for the season?
Come on CW you can't do this to me. This darn show has gotten me through adolescence.
Almost half my life !


I am wicked excited for the new Hannah Montana Movie- I understand also a bit childish haha- but One. I work at LimitedToo where Miley Cyrus is a constant sound,thought and vision haha
Also I have 3 cousins, pratically sisters- completely obsessed !

Miranda Lambert and her song Gunpowder and Lead- one of my new favorites :) For sure!
I'm goin home gonna load my shotgun
wait by the door and light a cigarette
he wants a fight now hes got one
He aint seen me crazy yet !

Hmmm lets see what else.... well there was a blackout last night and I was scared to all hell.
Hate those things. Had to wash my dishes in the dark lol.

Well I guess thats a good wrap up for now, off to the dark room to develop some photos.
Hooray- I love doing this :)
That wasn't sarcasm, I really do !


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