Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Emmmm Eye Catching Design...

I was searching through some packaging last night as well and I forgot to post, but I was looking around at various packaging blogs and ran across one of my favorites,
I love the work that they both, represent and create themselves.
Very unique and creative.
The food packaging below is very unique and eye catching,
I love the newness and fresh feel it provides to the viewer, I would stop dead in my tracks to check out that package in a supermarket !
No joke!

And these coffee designs- GOD LOVE THEM !
If you were ever searching for a coffee for a gift- gosh darn it your hunt is over !
This stuff seems incredible just to the eye :)
Who cares how it tastes- haha just kidding.
I mean really though, isn't it just the cutest ever.
I'm a sucker for coffee and stripes AND brite colors !!!!

I do love the design work and unity felt in the pieces though.
The continuity and fun, fresh feel is what would capture many viewers.
I picture the product being sold in a very high end, small cafe on the edge of a small town with a little girl helping her mom run the shop in cute aprons and a big smile.
People in the business for the love of it, not money.

Love, MEg

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