Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't believe in airbrushing....

You Better Start !

If these aren't some wacked transformations then I need to keep looking.
And for everyone out there that thinks Jessica Alba and Faith Hill are Flawless, Breathe..... and think again.
(Catch my joke .....breathe, her album haha.) 
Here's Faith on the Cover of Redbook, looks beautiful.
Faith is in her mid-forties constantly in the limelight, has a hot ass husband and three daughters, but don't worry those silly things don't age her at all, cause she's famous. She's perfect.
HA !

Now what do you think........

They altered her.....
No under the eye bags
No wrinkly skin
All of a Sudden she has a Beautiful Glow
Her teeth are whiter
Hair is More Perfect
Eyes more defined
Ohhhhh the list could continue forever.......

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her. I think Faith is absolutely breathtaking.
She's been in Maxim's hottest 100 women countless times.
She's beautiful.
But the airbrushing, the alterations, the obvious changes made to her body and face.
Plain as Day !
Poor Woman, they change everything but her name !

I understand the touchups, and maybe if she asks for the bags under eyes to be removed, but really do we have to make her look 20 years younger than she actually is????
Is that the point?
That's not honest, that makes every magazine article where the celebrities show them true selves, FALSE.
They spend time telling the world who they are, from their perspective for once.
Yet again, they have to be twisted, constantly criticized.
I love photoshop, but come on, can we use it for good things....other than making every person look completely ideal.
Or not themselves !

Jessica Alba.
This one kills me !
Look at her waist !
The woman just gave birth recently for god sakes !
Do people believe this ????

Images found at Jezebel's blog. 
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Thoughts ???

Meg <3

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