Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thats ME......

Yay !
I am officially 20 !!!!
I can't explain the excitement and fear that I have experienced.
I know everyone keeps telling me that's so young.
I understand that but its the leaving my childhood part that's scary.
20 is just a number and next year it will be 21 and then soon 40, and so on...
I know someday I will be wishing it was 20. But aside from having an absolute PERFECT PARTY and a perfect week. I was not happy to be turning 20. Wow on average that means I have lived 1/5 of my life ! AHHHHHH !!!!
Now That's scary !
But then I think to myself holy cow, I have done and accomplished SO MUCH in the past ten years ! I mean I was ten ! Shit !
Thats crazy ! Ten years !
Seems so short, but looking back it was absolutely wonderful.
And the lessons and experiences I have lead could not have been any better :)

Looking forward

Almost Forgot !

I have BRide Wars !
Love it ! Watch it ! Adore it !



LA Candy

If Laguna and The Hills weren't enough....
Lauren is at it again---her new book LA Candy....

Lauren's New Book is already a Best Seller after a few short months !!!!!

Lauren- LC- known for living her life on camera has been famous since the day Laguna Beach aired on MTV. Her rivals with Kristen Cavallari and romances with Stephen Colletti and Brody Jenner have led to TV shows and countless amounts of commercial deals and brand representing even other TV roles and movies for many of the cast members, including Lauren. She is the first to publish a book.
LA. Candy.
We have all fallen in love with the oung woman over the years, her style and smile have taken her to the stars and back !

But where will the book lead......
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Lisa Schwarzbaum is a film critic for EW

California girl Lauren Conrad is famous for living her life on camera — first on MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and then on The Hills. She worked as a magazine intern at Teen Vogue and in fashion marketing in Los Angeles. She designed a line of clothing with an emphasis on flirty, let's-go- drinking dresses. Her face is on magazine covers, her name in boldfaced type. She's admired by fans for her sweet, stunned affect even when boyfriends flame out and a best girlfriend moves on. She is 23 years old, and celebrated for being a celebrity.

Now, though, what Conrad really wants to do is write: L.A. Candy, her first novel, is also the first fruit of a three-book deal. In it, 19-year-old California girl ''Jane Roberts'' becomes famous for living her life on a reality TV show called...L.A. Candy. She works as an intern in L.A. She has boy troubles, a falling-out with a girlfriend, and a sweet, stunned affect. So far, ''Jane'' hasn't gotten a three-book deal. But then, there are still two books to go.

Is there nothing LC can't do? Well, uh, yes. Write a ''novel.'' Authors need to be judged as writers, not as multitasking buzz generators — even if the person in question is a blithe It Girl known for remarks like ''Shoes make me happy'' and ''I don't feel girly without long hair.'' And even if her book tests well with her target readers. Publishers these days are laying off staff and cutting the number of titles on their lists; the book business is suffering along with everyone else, and there's little room to gamble on an untried writer, however exciting that new voice. Yet with one eye on marketing opportunities and the other on TV ratings, these same publishers have given the okay to a larky novice who'd be the first to admit that she just thought authoring might be, you know, cool.

In this, of course, Conrad joins an elite group of dilettantes and debutants who have already heeded the advice of English teachers through the ages and written about what they know, including Fabio (bodice rippers), Naomi Campbell (thinly disguised tales of a supermodel), Pamela Anderson (thinly disguised tales of a bazoomy sex kitten), and Nicole Richie (thinly disguised tales of a thin socialite). But books aren't handbags or cosmetic lines, products devised to extend a famous person's brand. Any celebrity can choose between zipper A and magnetic snap B to ''design'' a reasonably trendy satchel. Very few are as talented as Carrie Fisher, Steve Martin, or Hugh Laurie — highly literate polymaths who just happen to have found fame as performers first and as authors later. Those who enjoy Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Buffett, or Mick Foley might be drawn to the literary endeavors that bear their names. Still, most of us would be better served by renting Spartacus, listening to ''Margaritaville,'' or watching Foley's old WWF videos starring Mankind vs. The Undertaker.

As for Lauren Conrad's novel, it's a dismal portent of the future of pop culture, disguised as escapist fiction aimed at young-adult LC fans who might like a bookshaped object as a keepsake now that Conrad has left her popular show. The author (or ''authors,'' allowing for the possibility of anonymous assistance) follows that write-what-you-know credo faithfully. And perhaps that's why the book's most deeply felt scene involves Jane, a member of her tech crew, and a cordless microphone. ''Well,'' the crew member tells young Jane as she prepares for her first night of living on camera, ''I'm gonna have you tape this microphone to the inside of the front of your bra and run the wire around your side, then I'll clip the mike pack on the back of your bra.''

(Entertainment Weekly)

Couture Candy

Meg <3

Birthday !!!

O my gosh- How could I have ever forgotten--My birthday bags.....
Prince Charming was especially wonderful this year :)

I received the new Bali Gold Pleated Tote- Absolutely wonderful and huge might I add- a Golden Retreiver would fit :)
As well as the brand new Stephanie Bag- in the newest pattern Carnaby !!!!!
Soooooo Me !

I also got- Nights in Rodanthe-Twilight-
Breakfast at Tiffanys the platinum collection because I am nothing short of obsessed !
And two new Wii Games for when Winter Bordum strikes :)

Isn't he wonderful :)

Chris Speaks about Jillians decision and what went down during their conversation that final day :)

Good Read !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Proposal......

The fast approaching Season Finale of The Bachelorette was a big event in my house !
We had cake and drinks and lots of assumptions of the finales outcome....

I'm sorry to say the season ended with tears-although it generally does.
This Season however they were extremely sad tears. Followed by unexpected happy tears.
I have to say I fell in love with Kiptyn- head over heels.
And Ed, well I felt he was a bit Nerdish :(

But after seeing their chemistry together when she could truly express her hidden feelings- their happiness lt up the screen.
Jillian absolutely beemed when she accepted Ed's proposal of marriage with the 60,000 $$$$ Neil Lane Diamond ! Holy mackrel !

It was not my choice of rings- but gorgeous in it's own.

Jillian looked absolutely stunning in her off white flowing gown.
(of which I wish I owned the clone hehe)

In the end I guess Jillian is happy, and that is after all the point.
But I felt for Kiptyn, really did.
And Reid. Damn it. Broken heart twice !
That man was undoubtably in love.

And his return to the Season Finale was nothing short of passionate !
I loved him :(

Four Questions for Jill however,

1. Ed left you once for his career- don't you think that might come back into effect??

2. A Malfunction in the bedroom would be a major Red Flag to most women, and you seemed awfully concerned that, that Passion and Fire wasn't there at first, won't that be a problem ????

3. Do you really like those flipping Green shorts !!!!???

4. Do you use Opi (Bubble Bath) nail polish---I love it !????

All in all- I loved this season, and the outcome I guess was spectacular, they seem in-imaginably crazy in love ! <3


The second proposal of the season was a bit more comedic, The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and the lovely Sandra Bullock !
Nothing short of Amazing.
Absolutely funny to the T.
Excellent story and heart warming at the same time :)

Great night out on the town....
5 stars !!!