Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's play catch up shall we...

An apology is overrated so, I won't slip again, I've been gone for far too long, Here are 10 things that have been going on lately :) 

1. My etsy shop is being filled with design work and fabulous finds, I'm hoping to make it live by April 1st !! Can't wait :)

2. Being an event coordinator is slowly starting to pay off :)

3. Today marks the 2nd month of my workout and fitness plan, anyone that knows me, this is a lifelong accomplishment because my addiction to chocolate- cookies and martinis don't often befriend the waistline 

4. I have a line of fit wear- launching this Spring, be on the lookout for Du Fitwear !! 

5. We are finally going to begin the search for our 1st home !!!

6. My new obsession is almond milk and blueberry Greek yogurt 

7. My new workplace :)

8. Went to Jamaica 

9. Still and always will be reppin Cuse '

10. A new design--- you can get yours in the etsy shop soon :) stay tuned lovers 

Until then- kisses to you all !

and The Shop is live !!!

The etsy shop is live, come visit me at

Get yo' shop on ladies :) 

Birds on a wire hand printed ceramic plate :)

The important dates print

The sprinkle invitation- completely customizable.

The Oreos and mojitos print !!! Who's office doesn't need this !?

It's been a busy few months, but it's finally real :) come on over and take a look around.