Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Moon.......

Currently Reading...........

In light of my new Twilight Obsession.
I have started reading the 2nd book in the saga.
New Moon.
I started last night during my falling asleep period.
I managed to get through the first chapter, but couldn't keep my eyes open.
It ended on a total cliff hanger and I hate that !!!!!
It's absolutely captivating.

Edward is still a stud- or at least from what I can invision while reading.
He's still undyingly devoted to Bella <3
Which is incredible !!!!!
I absolutely love them.
Her relationship makes me want a Vampire BF !
Prince Charming said, and I quote "I can't compete with his sexy vampire ass"
I'm totally in love with Edward !
I can't wait to read again tonight. Hopefully more than a chapter.
Tootles all.....


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