Monday, April 13, 2009

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels, Doorbells and sleigh bells.....

and schnitzel with noodles Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings These are a few of my favorite things Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes Silver white winters that melt into springs.....

Ahhh My Favorite Things.

More today than ever, I've really been thinking about my future, and you know what, it scares me.
It scares me that I'm going to be a Junior next year and again sooner than I want, I will have to say goodbye to a few people that literally mean the world to me. I'm scared I'll loose them....I'm scared that I'll end up in the wrong place. Looking out the wrong window, or at the wrong people, or even living in the wrong town. Looking out the window right now the sun is setting and I hear everyone in the background speaking of their past and where they're heading. I know where I want to be, but what if I can't get there? What if I'm not good enough to make it ???
I went home this past weekend for the Opening weekend of my summer job and more than ever I want, No, I Need to be home. I'm over school.

But I can't leave these people.
These girls are my life.

I would never get through it without Colleen, Sydnie, Erin, Ali and Ashlee.

It wouldn't happen. I'm scared.
And soon,
sooner than I want- I'm going to have to say goodbye again.
Goodbye to the girls that I call my best friends and hope with all my heart that I won't lose them like I did a few in high school.
Life is getting more and more "real" everyday now
and my mind isn't comprehending what to do and how to handle the situation.
Being alone scares me, and I know I won't ever be alone really but like without help. Without someone to turn to when I need that help.......

I talked to my best friend 3 times today.
I miss her like crazy and I just saw her yesterday, I hate being away from home.
But these girls make this place home.

And I find so much happiness and joy in my work, I couldn't imagine myself in another major. Art IS my life. I could breathe it forever.
And not just my art, but ALL art.

But lately I keep things to myself. I have a lot on my mind. I can feel the tears in my heart that need to spill right now and I need the time to let it go.

So the minutes are ticking and they couldn't move slower.
So I move to my safe haven.

The sun is a light orange and just setting beyond the lake and I wish I could be enjoying it, Spring is arriving closer everyday now and it
comforts me.
The greens and crisp air remind me that my summer is creeping closer.

But then I will be leaving my home.
My home that may not be where I spent my childhood or where I was brought into the world.
But the home that I have learned to accept, not because I have to, but because the girls that have become my friends are becoming my family and life wouldn't be the same without them.

My home where I can expect the same things day after day and know that when I need them they will ALWAYS be in the bed next to me, 4 doors down the hall, or a building shortly across the campus.

I'm in love with my life and in love with a wonderful person.
And I have the greatest memories in the form of thoughts and photos.
I'm just terrified that I'm not going to end up where I want to.

"You can't get by on talent, you have to have the passion".
Your talent is useless without the passion !!!
My professor Tom Hite told me tonight, something that I will never forget.

There is so little time in life and I want to make the most of it.

I want to start my own business someday, travel, take photos, and be happy in life,
I want to finally get my book published, but that would require finishing it first.
I find inspiration in the small things in life and this is my greatest joy.

I told my dad this fall as we were driving through a small town near home toward a pumpkin patch. The sun was setting in the country and the hills were rolling for what seemed like forever.
The air was beautifully crisp and the sites went on for ages.
The sky was a creamy orange shade and was glowing for what seemed like eternity.
I found serenity.

It was absolutely incredible, something that I will never forget.
The feelings that I get from the small things, like our drive through the country that day are the greatest things to me, things I can hold close to my heart, forever.

Memories that I find in movies like My Girl, And A River Runs Through It,
Benjamin Button and Father of the Bride.
That feeling of peace and
happiness, beauty and comfort in films that will truly touch your heart <3 style="color: rgb(0, 153, 0);">Another day not to long ago, a few weeks ago actually.
Prince Charming and I went for a drive in effort of taking photos for my photography class, we didn't go far from home and stopped at many places that we both have been before,
but we actually saw this time, really saw what each place was and meant.
We weren't just looking anymore.
We were seeing for the first time the beauty of the town we live in.
A town so rich in history. Important history. And thats something to be so thankful for.

It was a beautiful slightly cool Sunday afternoon just before sunset. We took beautiful shots near the canal and fountains and water ponds, monuments and breathtaking historical sites that were visited in years past but never fully understood, nor appreciated.
Now in my aging, I can appreciate the qualities of these special places.
The true history that can be found in my small
town and how important it was just a few decades ago.

The Simple Things, My favorite things.

Stowe, Vermont.
If you haven't been, plan a trip.
It's breathtaking.

The Sound of Music. Not just a musical, not a movie.

A true historical story that can be relived and visited today.

Vermont is one of my favorite places of all time.
The views are the greatest in the world.

The trails and gorgeous areas that can be seen from miles are wonderous.

The wildlife, will leave you speechless.

And the memories that you will create, you will hold for a lifetime.

The simplest of events that have occured within the 3 times I have visited Vermont I still remember 10-12 years later. I remember the gorgeous Inne. The sunsets. The brick paths and amazing gardens. The bubbling brooks found in the middle of mountains or off the edges of paths. The conversations of fudge in a local early 1900's type shop visited with my dad. The polished brook rock that I grabbed from a hotels trickling wall fountain in the bright green grass front yard that I later carved the word "Believe" into. (You see how much Believe
occurs in my life??) (Tattoo, not a mistake haha) Gorgeous. I remember the fantastic bike trails that we rollerskated on for hours and hours before sunset. The Fox Inn with the best chocolate chip pancakes I have ever had ! The Alpine Slide with my dad. Gondala Rides. Strolls through town late at night where you can smell cherry wood and fires burning. The adorable little mountain shops. Friendly faces and the memories.


The Vontrapp Lodge.
Beauty in the mountains.
A story unfolding differently everyday.
History that should be realized and appreciated by every visitor.

A Mountain Resort in European Tradition.
A simple word that captures much of what makes Trapp Family Lodge so special. Here, you will discover so many different experiences, activities and opportunities to enjoy your alpine escape. And yet all this remarkable variety lives in perfect harmony. A vacation at one of Vermont's premiere resort will leave you rested and refreshed. Recharged and reconnected. But most importantly, it will remind you of what’s truly important.

Don't forget to read the Trapp Family StoRY.
I have always dreamed of having my wedding in Vermont and the Trapp Family Lodge couldn't be more beautiful.
I can't imagine my parents being excited about the blessed event being held 6 hours from home but we'll see, Prince Charming won't be proposing anytime in the near future I would hope. Hehe.
Anyway....This place is just the ultimate. I hace been there many times and I just don't see anything but the English Beauty in the middle of the mountains.
It's Captivating.
I want to live here more than anything in the world. But the thing is I haven't seen half the world so how do I know? Of course, its beautiful. But is it right? And how do I find that place???
And I'm afraid to settle. I want to see everything the world has to offer.
And never miss a single thing.
I would love to live in NYC for a year or so,
and a North Carolina port town so I can live a real life Nicolas Sparks novel.
Then again I've always loved Virginia in it's history and class....another place absolutely full of breathtaking memories, never to be lost.
Or Georgia, to live the true life of Paula Deen....and be a genuine Southern girl :)
But Penn. there I could find peace, in the open air of the country that surrounds everything.
I'm not a citygirl. But I love the city. I could spend every weekend there and be happy.
But my heart lies in the country and the smallest things in life are there.
the things that make me laugh, make me smile and make me cry.
They're all there.

I waste my days by the canal in my backyard, sitting on my dock with my dog.
Writing my book.
The smell of fires burning and kids laughing and fireworks.
Campfires and marshmellow fights and ghost stories.
The quite buzz of the road a thousand yards or so away.
The peace of hearing the fish jump as the sunsets and the boats slowly passing by.
That's my home. That will always be my home.
I can't find that in the big cities.

I can find the true me in a place liek Vermont. The rolling plains, the peace, the wildlife.
I can enjoy my baking. Find time to read near the fire.
Sit on a porchswing.
Finish my book.
Bake in the kitchen and start my business.
There I can find yet again a new home.
A place to sleep at night and enjoy life in a new way.
Because to me, my home will always be in the hearts of these girls and my family.
My best friends at home and the LOVE of my LIFE.
These special people will always* be home to me.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things............

and then I know that I'll make it through the tough times.
I know that I will end up where I am supposed to be. But sometimes the road to that place is scary.
And I think I may need a few more years before I'm ready to completely handle it.
Good thing I'm only a Sophomore.

Thinking of you jake <3>
Everyday. Forever my Angel.
You'll never walk alone.
"Wherever I am, There You'll Be"

XOXO Meg<3

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