Thursday, April 9, 2009


You know what..... if you haven't already realized this.... I'm completely obsessed with Post-its.
Like allllll of them. Hearts, stars, neon, black, double stickies, Hello Kitty.
I mean obsessed.
I have this drawer that is roughly hmmm....
maybe 2 1/2 feet wide by 1 1/2 deep and maybe 8 or so inches high.
Well it is completely FULL, like to the top, not able to open anymore stuffed with post it pads, stickies, page markers in EVERY COLOR, shape and size.
I just love love love em.
(Good Luck Chuck Quote haha, great movie by the way)
Annnnyhoooo.... I bought these super cute ones the other day from
after of course making myself a gal look-alike who I might add is astonishingly similar looking to a cartoon version of a Clueless girl, which may or may not label me as a ditzy girl with no care in the world other than herself and fashion- hahaha sooooo not me.
It's just a striking resemblance, hehe.
They are awfully cute notepads though and being so obsessed I couldn't pass them up.
So I scooped up 4 or so magnetic fridge pads and about 2 post-it size packs :)

And at Target often referred to as Tarjeee :) the other day I scooped up a few cute Curious George ones :) No particular reasoning behind this decision no fascination with the little fella or anything. Just the simple fact that they were in the $1.oo bin and I had some spare change and a DIRE NEEEEED for some monkey notes in my collection :)
Writing this now, I sound a bit crazy.....
HAHA but I warned you...I'm obsessed


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