Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vaca End

Just back from Williamsburg and Myrtle Beach.
Amazing :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Suites....

So, I'm a swim suit whore and anyone that knows me could tell you that, I think I have ummmm 40+ and I bought 3 this week..... LOVE THEM !

the three pictured here will be my fav's for this summer !
The downside, that was about $200.00 haha and about a week's paycheck.
Goodie :)

Gorgeous, I fell in love with it, and generally I can control myself when the price is nearly $100.00, but the cuteness took over and my impulsiveness.
I guess I need to work on that. haha.
Price Charming just laughs when I show him my new suits, I think he started a count for the summer, I'll have 7-8 more by the time the summer is over.
I know, it's a disease.

But really I got this one for only $20.00 !!!!!!
and thats incredible and I swear it's the cutest thing EVER !!!!!
Victoria certainly doesn't have any secrets from me, I own more than half of her store
And dresses,
PLEASE check them out, this summers are
Adorable :)

Vamos a la playa !!!!!
Let's go to the Beach !


What can I say, I'm just a Summer girl.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I mentioned earlier how much I loved Fireproof the new movie I saw last night.
Well here is the track listing, lyrics and some videos from artists and the movie for you guys......
The movie features seven songs from different Christian artists, if you're not extremely religous, which I am not. You should take the time to watch this movie, it's incredible. It just might make you believe :)
It's a wonderful story of love for who you are, others, god and life :)
Inspiring all around :)
Buy it at Amazon

Enjoy :)

Warren Barfield- "Love is not a fight"

John Waller "While I'm Waiting"

Track Listing:

"Slow Fade" - Casting Crowns
"You Belong To Me" - Grey Holiday
"While I'm Waiting" - John Waller (Above)
"Brighter Days" - Leeland
"This Is Who I Am" - Third Day
"Otherside" - Third Day
"Love Is Not A Fight" - Warren Barfield (Above)
Buy it at Amazon

Check this out too,
Great marriage help, links, and support :)

Quaker Steak &


What !??? Yes it's a restaurant. I have never been there.
Until Yesterday.
Fabulous !
Like really, I fought with my friend James because I would never eat at a place called Lube. Haha

ANyway I was wrong. I admitted it.
This place was sweet. THere were cars hanging from the ceiling !

HAhaha, and WIngs !
Best Wings USA.

Buy the sauces HERE

Unlimited. Any flavor. As many as you want. In one flavor or all of them.
It's Unlimited Wings.
For 12.00 !!!!!!!
Ranch to Atomic (Release Form needed)
Yeah WOW.

Needless to say we had a great time and the squiggle straws ! I loved them !
Great place for good laughs and fun :)

In the A.M......

Wow. I haven't blogged in a while, I suck. I'll fix it ! Promise :D

Well this morning I have a multitude of things on my mind.....
I went to bed last night thinking of what I was taking on vacation and woke up still thinking, and of even more things ! I'm not sure if I actually slept, or worked all night.

Packing for Vacation, can't wait- lots of decisions for outfits

Prince Charming and seeing him today :)

Fireproof, it's a fantastic movie. Bad acting, but a great story. You should watch it.
It made me cry, but now a days everything does. Haha.
There was a great song at the end, kind of Pop, Kind of Christian, I loved it :)

Wanting to take a trip to Vermont. I want to wander the Stowe and the small shops :)And a New Vera Bag ! I absolutely LOVE the new (well newer) Bali Gold pattern.
It's absolutely darling. I can't decide whether I want the weekender or the small duffel?????

Also the weather, I'm hoping it stays brillant and sunny down South for the next few weeks, it would make vacation A LOT BETTER :)

Thoughts ?????

Oh and by the way, have any of you heard of 'M' Cafe in LA. Well it's fabulous, MadeByGirl inspired me to write about this super cute, trendy cafe. I was there a few years ago and loved! it ! I stumbled on her post about it last night and it reminded me how great this little place was.........

I'll post about my FAVE shows tomorrow, OTH, GG and
Bachelorette Finales and Premiere.

They WERE FAB U LOUS ! ! ! !

Xoxo Meg<3