Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out and About.... One Two Three.

One. Let it be known I am a huge Hayden fan.
Two. That Henley is darling :) love the color (Woo-flutter henley)
Three. Love the new hair !! Lots :)
Addition I must have those shades !! :)

One. Jess looking great with baby on her hip :)
Two. I'm in love with her brown bag (Carla Mancini of course :)
Three. Her Sweater is super cute (raw 7)
Perfect for shopping !

One. Again always perfect hair
Two. Love the jeans/not the shoes -ew
Three. That top needs to be added to my wish list!!!- check :) (Karina Grimaldi)
Wow it is just too cute, complete with a Carla Mancini Bag <3>
One. Not quite as perfect as above.
Two. I'm a huge yellow fan ! :)
Three. That bag is treh-cute :) (CC Skye Lucy bag- on my list in pink)
She was not happy to be on that camera!

One. Blake's always perfect hair :)
Two. Love love that color on her.
Three. I feel like she overdressed for David Letterman hahaha
Ps. Watch GG on Mondays at 8:00 CW :)

One. The glasses are perfection :)
Two. The dress-flawless- so cute (Ella Moss or Berta)
Three. I can only imagine the ring :)
Love Rachel :)

One. Love LC's look- but when do I not- Never. She's super cute
Two. I must have that top (Cake Couture) LOVE IT <3>
One. Eva looks pissed !
Two. Hate the purse
Three. She looks a little bit aged.
I do like the shoes though :)

One. Red is hott, and Miley is rockin it ! (Ingwa Melero)
Two. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes :D and I want them
Three. The bag is adorable (Julie K)
But the look is a smidge much for a Sixteen year old- I do believe



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