Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NYC In Photos

The Hightlights of my wonderful trip ...
I can honestly say my first trip to the big apple was a smashing success !!!
I absolutely loved !! Every minute of it-- its hard to cram such a wonderful city into one day but it did happen-- although I walked so fast my feet were aching and I bought so many things my arms had bruises and it was so cold my nose was a permanant ice cube I still had the experience of a lifetime...i wanted to share some of my photos with you...

Rockefeller Center, this isnt my picture i wanted to give you a pretty one, the tree is still hidden in mine- tree lighting and ceremony December 3rd :)
Tiffany and Co. (Yay)
Trump Tower- absolutely beautfiul building- excellent architecture, and the most beautiful stone work I've seen, 5 star restaurant and 2 level waterfall
Beautiful Photo of the distant Empire State Building :)
from 5th Avenue
The NY Library- the site for the Carrie and Mr. Big wedding in SATC the movie
HAD to document this building :)
Times Square bustling
Fashion Walk of Fame !!!!
Bestsey Johnson
( I knocked out about 6 ppl in the process of pivotting to take this phot
The New Years Eve Ball in the middle of Macy's :)
Not as big as it seems
View from Madsion Square Garden Entrance-----soooo many taxi's
AH AHAHHAHAHA- a table in Union Square Park-- selling bowls and bongs hahahah
Breathtaking sculpture near Union Square Park :)
OMG the Kira Plastinina Store (there were about 4 by the way haha)
Mad big purchases here ! :)
if you dont know Kira Plastinina is a 16 year old Russian Designer building a multi billion dollar company and still managing high school, traveling and designing clothes :)

I can't wait to go back and actually experience it in a little bit slower motion and really enjoy the time I have in each location.....

Ps. one of my favorite parts of the day was seeing a woman run up and down 5th Avenue trying to get the attention of a Taxi --- I've always wanted to see someone call a Taxi-- hahaha so funny -- thats how ppl knew I was a Tourist hahahah

Happy Tuesday :)


Lindsey said...

WOW! NYC is so much prettier during Christmas. Great photos and glad you had fun!

Franciose Mordecai said...

Looks like someone had an amazing time! Hopefully you had as much fun as you possibly could! I think I'm in serious need of a vacation... and I've never been to NYC...

Traci Anne said...

Glad you had so much fun in my new hometown... it's not so bad :)