Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Evolution of Little J <3

Little J-- From cute school girl to stylin stylist-- who would have known =)

For any Gossip Girl fanatic like me...
you may have realized that Little J has undergone a major TRANSFORMATION--
who am I kidding you can't miss it- haha
Taylor Momsen, the actress who plays Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, turned 15 over the summer — and with the milestone she adopted a, more provocative style.
The cutesy bright yellow dress she wore in May has been tossed aside in favor of tight, strapless dresses that barely cover her thighs, and her adorable side-part and down-home smile have been replaced by vampish bangs and a come-hither stare.
Jenny's evolution could not have been better timed- just as she landed an internship with Eleanor Waldorf to design dresses- Jenny's sultry and sexy vixin side appeared ! :)
Buh Bye Little J-- HELLO Jennifer ! :D
Her sexy side also perfectly timed to land one of the cities HOTTEST boy toys as well-
Nate Archibald :)

So cute :)

Until Tomorrow =)

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