Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The REAL Housewives of Atlanta

My New Addiciton--I happened to be channel flipping this past weekend while my BF and his buddies were drinking and I came across Bravo!, as I paused on the station the screen was filled with a Beautiful Birthday Cake at this point I knew I had to see what this was :)
Not a cooking show but a reality show (happened to be a Birthday Episode)--
come to find out the show is called The Real Housewives of Atlanta-
a sort of reality twist on Desperate Housewives :)

Now when I saw this it seemed familiar- come to find out I've seen this before but it was
The Real Housewives of Orange County- a show I found a few years back that I lost touch with-- so excited that there were new girls and a new city- I very intently watched
And it was my lucky day because they were recapping the season thus far- so I'm ALL caught up :)
So anyway...
The show is about 5 women living in Atlanta- Kim, NeNe, Sheree, Lisa and DeShawn
all extremely wealthy either single or married to a NBA or NFL Star too I might add-
The crazy thing is, I've been naive this whole time--
I thought Drama only affected people in there younger years- HA NOT !
This show is FULL of it ! No Joke every minute Sheree is talking shit about NeNe or NeNe about Kim or all of the Women talking about DeShawn and her shitty attempt at a fundraiser- it was MADNESS- but I loved it ! :)
I love Drama filled shows- like this and Gossip Girl and The Hills-- its fun to see that no ones life is perfect- everyone has there own problems and it makes me even happier watching these shows because then I realize that my life isn't- My Life Is Private =)
I like to see the catfights that occur and the stupidity and betrayal of people toward what they mention are they're dearest friends... it just makes you laugh-- the fact that people spend so much precious time ruining others rather than fixing and bettering themselves...

So you can catch this show Tonight-
Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Bravo!

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