Monday, December 1, 2008

Reunited !!!

I've missed my bloggerfriends----
I'm back and whatta weekend ! Honestly so crazy !
So much happened in the few days I was away from Bloggaland !!!
So you can expect to hear allll about my weekend this week-- from crazy Black Friday Shopping to Tree Decor this year, yummy recipes and of course family stories and fun :)

So this weekend---I had so many things to do and not enough time to do it !!! Pheeew !
And Black Friday !! WOW !!
So crazy----Thanksgiving is definitely a crazy time of year- all the cooking and baking and then shopping on top of it ---speaking of Thanksgiving Cooking we had fried turkey this year-- I was quite sceptacal at first spiting witty comments in my initial disgust about jsut eating at McDonalds-- America is fat enough and then we take a tradition of home cooked turkey and FRY IT !
I'm saddened to say I've been dragged to the dark side the fried turkey was AMAZING !
Litterally melted in your mouth-- as with all my other family recipes I can't let you haev this one either :(
But the turkey was injected with a creole butter seasoning (which combined is like a cajun but not to spicy buttery flavor of deliciousness) and then rubbed down with a garlic and herb spread-- also fantastic :)
Well let me tell you after all these fabulous flavors were put together and then fried-- I just have to tell you-- one of the best turkeys I have EVER tasted :)
We went shopping at midnight when the malls opened for madness and put up the tree and decorated it and of course watched movies Friday night :)
The Polar Express ! Loooove It ! Christmas with the Kranks !! Excellente !

Anyway Thanksgivign means one thing really--- Christmas is COming !!!!
I wanted to give you all a heads up on some fabulous deals I found this weekend !
Might help with some Christmas Shopping :)

Also dont forget today is Cyber Monday and you can still find great deals all over the internet--- kinda like Black Friday for Internet Shopping haha--

Victorias Secret !
Crazy Sales--- Flannel PJ's 50% off and free slippers
Sweaters $19 and Up with a free Scarf
AND 20 % off of your total order :)
Also when you purchase sleepwear you recieve a free Frangrance set $55 value !!

Fabulous Finds
Winter jackets,coats and fashion outerwear 65 % OFF
I got the cutest pea coat ever !! for 36.00 !! Originally 140.00 -- I was pleased :)


Free Shipping with the code GIVENIKE
which certainly helped out when the boy toy has been wanting a pair of 45.00 flip flops !
I prefer to get mine for 5.00 at Old Navy hehe

Apple Store
Free shipping on everything !!!
perfect for the techies on your list :)


for the expensive girls in the fam :)
bags accessories everything :)
Designer Sale !!
40% off and free Shipping !!!!

Forever 21
not any special incentives online but I found some pretty great in store sales this weekend ----
I LOVE THIS STORE and the prices are extremely resonable to begin with so you can surprise the fashionistas in the family ! :)

Then Target, K-Mart and other great stores are of course full of deals !!!
So Stay In, Stay Warm and Stay Comfy :)
and Shop Shop Away ! :)


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