Friday, November 14, 2008

I almost forgot..

But right about now I'm thinking-you know, this must be pretty important to be blogging about at quarter to 2 with 8am class-- haha
Well you Bet It Is!

It's the Annual V.S. Flannel Jammie Sale --YAY !

I was obsessively reading blogs after I put my PJ's on and realized when I came across Caddywumpus latest post -Jammy Sale, It Reminded me !
New Jammies ! :)
(and she is right they are VERY cute this year)

The cool thing I noticed when I was browsing them they have both Boyfriend and Girlfriend Style Cuts, perfect for the girls that like to be comfortable in loose jammies and then the girls that want comfy and cute (tighter fit-with a cute contrasting trim)

I get a set of these every year on Christmas Eve- kind of a tradition in my family to get new comfy PJ's on Christmas Eve-- gotta look good on Christmas Eve- and especially on Christmas Morning when you wake up to find Santa's Goodies ! :)

If you hurry the Free Slippers will still be included when you purchase the set :)
Only for a Limited Time
YAY ! :)

Oh yeah, Happy Friday
Night/Morning :)


Bella said...

I was just scrolling through, and let me say... your blog is adorable!!

And thank you so much for the lovely comment!

Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Can't wait to read more of yours! Have a great day! : )

Mrs. Buck said...

I love jammies! Thanks for the heads up - I'm going to have to check out this sale!