Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shallow Pool of Wit...and of course J

One of my ALL time favorite quotes-- from my favorite Actress from my favorite SHOW !
(Gee this is perfect)
Well if you knew me you would know that I'm obsessed with OTH (One Tree Hill)
and one of the stars Sophia Bush <3

Anyway so this was a quote from Season 2 of One Tree Hill

: Buy you a drink?

Brooke: Okay, guy in need of a clue. Here's one. Women send signals. That was a brush off. Before you dip into your shallow pool of wit let me paint us a picture and save us both the trouble. Here's your evening. You are going to slink back off to your buddies, laugh this off, get wasted, go home, and make nice with yourself. But don't be thinking of me, because even your fantasy of me, isn't interested in you !

BAM ! LOVE IT ! I think that is just about the BEST reaction ever!
Case and Point

THIS is why I LOVE B. Davis <3> SHALLOW MEN !

My boyfriends roommate J is a TOTAL-- not sure of the word-
Spineless Jellyfish--Shallow Spineless Jellyfish (that's better)
Anyway so there's this girl, her name is Moe, but by the way he talks about her her name might as well be Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of Beauty), for gods sake, he
talks about this girl like she is the only person even worthy of his (or anyone's time) ! Frankly, Its disgusting !

So one night I was carrying on a conversation with J (the roommate) about this godly girl and why exactly he thinks she is SO PERFECT-- come to find out THEY HAVE NEVER SPOKEN !


He knows more about this girl than probably is healthy and they have never spoken--

Then he proceeds to tell me--
well no once I held the door open for her and she said, "Thank You So Very Much"
Not only is that completely uncommon for someone to recite such an anthem when the door is being held open for them-- but also completely NOT what J thinks it means !

(Reality: She probably said thanks and J was caught in a trance stripping her with his eyes, hence the meeting seemed more personal- UGH)

Anyway, apparently this Bitch is ONE of the most stuck up people on the campus and many MANY boys and girls both will tell you this-- her and her Mean Girl Friends stand in their own circle and never let anyone in--as if they have no room- no care- and no time for ANYONE but themselves- they acknowledge no one and reply snubly to everything
Hmmm (sounds like a winner)-- Yet J says she's different-- AH How do you know that !?

Now listen I'm no Saint-- I occasionally talk about people behind their backs but it is never something that I wouldn't say to their faces as well--so I can probably be dubbed a Bitch once in a while--But HONESLTY this chick-- apparently (I have never met her, but I assume after the 9th person has stated it- to be true) she is just one of the Stereotypical Bitches that Every guy wants and every girl loathes and she in return just thrives off of it.

Example: Halloween-- Moe and her girls standing in a circle at a dance-- my boyfriend Brian (wingman of J, because J is a complete and total CHICKEN SHIT) approached Moe and her friend (another Bitch that J thinks is attractive) they awkwardly talk and the question of names comes up-- the other girl (Um her name is Kaitlin- this is a fact) decides to tell Brian that her name is AMY !!

FAIL!!! (Red Light - Stuck Up- Red Light- Bitch) !!

Yet According to J, However, Moe is different !

My Question: How do you know this ? You have never spoken to her !
And why is it that you are SO attracted to her when honeslty, the ONLY thing you know is her name!

J: You know I can tell, she hasn't let any guy get with her, she's different, (So this means that she secretly wants YOU- she doesn't know who you are) maybe she's looking for a guy like me, (which to me I define J as Shallow, Semi Attractive, High Maintenance, Picky, Sometimes Rude, BiPolar and Snub)
Hmmm Just what EVERy girl wants !

J: But today in the gym- she was staring at me ! Like stttttarrrring
(Congrats J)

Me: Probably because of last night (to define last night- this means >> we all went to the club and some really wack looking chick they call Racoon started rubbing all over J and making out with him and being all gross (Racoon girl: friend of Moe's--go figure) and J was quite freaked out- he ran away--so she probably told her friends- and they all died laughing and that is why Moe was staring either in disgust or picturing the fact that he was raped on the dance floor)


He honestly holds every girl to Moe-- Every One !
The next night at a House Party--a very nice, fun, cool girl, that J was actually semi- attracted to--approached him and seemed interested !
We were like Bingo-- There She Is !
NOT ! as the night went on and we left--

J: Ah maybe a one nighter he says (not as hot as Moe)

Dude ! Screw Moe !

O my god ! Honestly why would decide that a girl is only good for one night- before you even have a real conversation with her- like how do you make a decision based off of what she looks like if it will be one night or more or nothing-- boy logic ??
Maybe after one night- you may like it and decide to do multiple nights- haha IDK

WHy ! ? Because she's not Moe !
But why does he like Moe- her looks !
He has no IDEA who she is or what she likes- NOTHING

The only thing I ask is why are men like this ! Where does it get them ?
Nowhere but Lonely Brokenheartsville !

I just thank god that my relationship rocks !
And that I love my guy more than anything- because this bull is making me age
Very Quickly !!

Until Tomorrow

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