Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top 10 things to do when you're bored....

This is is you are an artzy fartzy person like me.....

* Create a picture frame--- collage your favorite pictures- magazine cutouts or image icons from the computer or just paint your favorite design on a wooden frame ($1.99 at most craft stores)---get creative these can be sooo much fun :)

* Watch a couple girly movies with your best friends--paint your fingers and toes and enjoy hot cocoa or a cocktail <3 (lots of pillows and good stories required)

* Start a scrapbook or a journal----its never to late- I started one recently and I love it---make it with pictures or words or both---they are fun to make and even better to share and look back on....(add all your memories and fun jokes or quotes :)

* Because Halloween is coming heres a few festive ideas---
Make a Jar-o-Lantern--- find or purchase an old jar-- and paint the inside orange
(or any color you wish) stencil or freehand a face on the outside and fill it with
fun Halloween candies (very cute decorations :)

* This idea is really fun for Christmas---especially little gift ideas-- Hot chocolate
cones persay >>> all you need is cone shaped cake decorating bags--hot cocoa any flavor, a box of teddy grahmns, marshmellows, mini chocolate chips and raffia ribbon (you can get fancy and make fun gift tags as well :)
So you just layer the ingedients(as much as you'd like for each--hot cocoa--chocolate chips--marshmellows--place teddy grahmns around inside of bag--tie with pretty ribbon and tag--and your good to go-- hot cocoa ready !

* Start an online blog--- its a great way to express yourself in any way you choose--
share stories or quotes and pictures-- give advice and start polls and conversations
any way you choose will be interesting to someone and especially for you :)

* Bake a batch of your favorite cookies and have fun decorating them while watching
your favorite movie :)

* Fun Snack Ideas>>> dirt cups >>> mix up some chocolate pudding-- and crush up some
oreos and fill some cups with oreos then pudding then topped with more oreos then finally add some colorful gummie worms for a fun and creepy treat ! :)

* Papered glass coasters--- find your favorite papers--wallpapers etc. to match the
room in question-- get some MOD PODGE glue and glue the bottom of the coasters and
place the paper where desired design side up-- attach four felt dots to the bottoms
of each coaster and your ready to use !!

* MY FAVORITE IM TRYING NEXT !!!!--- photo cubes !! find a 4 to 6 inch wooden cube
(most craft stores) and mod podge your favorite photos or images (black and white
looks sharpest)to each side of the cube and you can then add embellishments and use
as decoration in any way you like !!!


Until Tomorrow

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