Monday, September 15, 2008

Addicts !

So our school has Movie Nights every weekend where we can watch new movies that have just left the theatres, it gives us a chance to do something fun Sunday nights before the week starts again-- so one of my roomates Brittany and I are super DIE-HARD fans and we attended SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE- twice this weekend- both showings--- showing up a 1/2 hour before each showing to get good seats- equipped with waters-candies-pillows and of course plenty of tears !!!
So the sweet thing is there is a drawing for the official movie poster ! And with all the movies we've attended we have never won and TODAY WE DID !!!!
Here is our new PRIDe AND JOY !

I guess we supercalifragi-sexiiii nothing to be playing with !!!!!
Until Tomorrow

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