Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am currently working on a project visually representing OCD--- with OCD are associated many obsessions (repeated/constant fears) and compulsions (actions repeated in need to alleviate the fear).
Working on this project I've come to find that I myself have many obsessions !
Try it---- you'll be surprised theres probably more than you think....

>>Post-ITs--- I've always been obsessed with Post-ITs--- i have to have them attached to everything- both in depth and daily to do lists- wants-needs-movies-songs etc.
MY MAC is my best friend because the app. Stickies SAVES MY LIFe --- haha

>>Safety- I'm paranoid of gettting hurt- I check the locks on doors at least 10 times

>>ALarm Clock- I'm petrified I'm going to miss something

>> being out of the loop- I hate not knowing whats going on

>> Germs-- I'm not crazy about this but hygenie GOD- if something looks semi-gross FORGET IT

>>BOYS BATHROOMS-- I gag- simply put

>> Fire-- I used to have a bag packed with my favorite things- I was willing to live without them so in case of a fire- I would have them ready to go with me

>> Perfectionist- I'm obsessed with perfection in WORK strictly-- evrything has to be over the top- JUST SO

theres so many more-- I can't list- either too personal or i don't want to bore you

Until tomorrow

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