Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sush :(

Ps. our second fish in just 2 weeks Died the other day
We're starting to think that we really suck ! haha
Sush short for Sushi was a lively fish when Leah brought him home yet after day 4 he started to look weaker-- we weren't sure whether he needed more oxygen-- was a second nemo-- had a tumor-- was pregnant haha- or we were overfeeding him
Any way we suck !

Day 10- Starting to loose air---lungs slowing down--

approx... 8 minutes after staring at Sush swim rather weirdly, I was interupted in the shower by Leah with the no longer breathing Sush-- shortly after we all said goodbye and waved as he joined Cupid in the Cazenovia Sewer Pipes :(
R.I.P Cupid and Sush

Cupid--- 1 1/2 days old
Sush--- 10 days old

Until next time

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