Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lost In Communication

Today I was looking through my pictures, coming across a photo taken almost a year ago- of my parents holding hands, i thought that is what I envy in ‘real romance.’ it’s moments like this that stand out, a. because i don't see them often in too many people and, b. i always wonder if Brian and I will be like that forever.
Then I got thinking--communication has been streamlined by the internet in the last 10 years or so and something essential to the process of falling in love has been lost. It is clear that the digital era has affected our communication both positively and negatively. One we can talk to people in Africa for free but two the romance in one's voice cannot be sensed across Adium (one of Mac's versions of AIM). Now we can type up mindfully-crafted statements rather than going face-to-face and improvising from the heart. Everyone says that the internet is making our lives so much simpler-- but in the fast paced life we all lead, is this the type of communication we long for at the end of a long day.... Is the internet communication age holding the answer for the thing we all want to find???
Just one, really great love story.

Until Tomorrow

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