Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kind of bored today...did my Graphics readings--- learning about the importance of space adn that it can impact almost anyone visually by taking the position of teh foreground or background or both .....interesting and knowlegable writers.
Anyway on another note I spent another weekend with the BF, actually if it's possible this weekend almost beat the last time I wrote- I apologize I've been lost the past week both in my own thoughts and books.
My best friend and her significant other joined us Friday night we had the best time going to dinner and to a movie-- talking and catching up--- its crazy the amount of things that can happen i a few weeks that you can 't explain on the phone-- it was so great to see them and party with them :)
Saturday afternoon I spent wrapped in Brian's arms with the worst hangover in over a year-- I'd rather not experience that again for awhile- I'm taking a break
well at least until that night--- 2 of my roomates came to visit---sooooo fun ! :)
we went out of course and I drank---OF course! haha
although thank god not as heavily as the night before :)
Brian and I stayed awake for hours as Always-- talking :)
This morning i woke up my stomach feeling much better my heart not so much---- 20 minutes after waking up--- I said goodbye :(
Tough but a happy goodbye to another amazing weekend
now I'm watching The Perfect Man
and thats pretty much all for today :)
Until tomorrow


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