Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Only three of the thousand words I wanted to shoot at my boss this afternoon-
I only wish this happened in person and a couple of birds would've been flying in her direction!
I just arrived home last night after a lovely day of Christmas shopping (serious face) and was all in all full of Christmas Spirit- anyway I had a day full of plans for today, get some gas- order a special Christmas present for Prince Charming I wish I could tell you all what it is (such a fabulous idea for your significant other, so cute!) but he tends to read my blog when i least expect it hehe---order the present and go to my roommates Lia Sophia jewelry party (Estatic face)

So i woke up had a delish bowl of Fruity peebles and some java--took a shower and hopped in my little red car and took of to place my order when i returned I called Limited Too where I have worked for over a year now at the outlets and asked my boss for my schedule for the upcoming week--- to find that ratface (oh my excuse me, I'm very peeved)to find that my no good selfish snotty way to perky in the morning demanding jerk of a boss replaced me--- however she said it somewhat like this....Oh yeah actaully abotu that --the schedule-- (spit it out hunny) ummm yeah I have a lot of staff right now cause i had to hire some girls at Thanksgiving (come on, come on) and now i have too many employees and many people have just on call shifts and those girls are my priority cause they've been yeah i dont think i can put you on for much of the season---
Those girls are your priority I've been working there longer than YOU HAVE you selfish bit**-- I started a mnth after the store opened last year- this chick has only been there since May and your giving High School girls that have worked for you for only 2 weeks the hours over me who has been there and saved your ass when you needed last minute floor sets multiple times this summer and helped you out when you needed it ---and I ******* get the shaft-- I almost wish she fired me, I was insulted !!!


I'm in college, hence I'm broke and in case you didnt notice Christmas is about 3 weeks away and these 2 week girls get my job ! They work all year long-- I am home for a month--I take 21 credits of classes I can't work at school !
I need the money and you give them the hours over me ! WHAT IS THIS !?
and of course yo can't find a job this time of year all teh help has been hired !

Let me tell you all the day she calls and asks for help--shes gonna ge ther ass handed to her ! No doubt ! Bit**

So after the infuriation ended i travelled to my roommates house in teh blistering cold and wicked wind-- she had a fabulous party -very successful too I might add- almost 1500 dollars earned :)
So she gets 40% of that in FREE Jewelry :0 fantastic jewelry too if you don't know what Lia Sophia is :)
Anyway so that was a very exciting thing for her and the rest of us girly girls
I'm throwing my Lia Sophia in January Can't Wait !!!!
So as I was leaving ina great mood from spending the afternoon with some of my girls
I should haev known then that it was all too good to be true!!!
So my car decided to lock up on me-- the key wouldn't work in teh ignition!
It wouldn't turn ! It was literally stuck---like um nothing worked !
If you could only imagine my frustration-- I shook it- checked everything possible--rocked the car- checked the wheel-the breaks --WTF !?
It was not working !!!!
Really I wasn't prepared to deal with this !
I went back in to Col's house and asked for her helped- we rocked, we shook, we turned,w e checked ! WE FRROOOOZE !!!!!
So finally after about an hour I called my dad-- he said to do everything I already did --no help, and no luck !
Yuck !
SO after another 30 minutes or so Dad came to my rescue-- yet I guess not cause it didnt work-- he came all prepared with things- torches haha, matches, WD40 haha everything ! Nothing worked !
The damn thing is so infuriating--- i was like honestly is this really happening
After another hour- we left, with no car--
Um so needless to say I have no job- no incoming money-very little money to work with-thank god my Christmas Shopping is pretty much done- and oh yeah no car !
So i can't go find a job right away either- thank god for online apps I got one or two in at least

Whatever --thats all i have left to say
oh wait and, Dear life, STOP SUCKING !

Not to many X's and O's
so im not so sure if you can BelieveInMe<3g>


Sara said...

Sorry you had such a bad day! Sounds like your boss is a real moron! I love the Lia Sophia jewelry too! Good luck with your car! Hopefully it will be something minor!

Dana said...

hopefully you've had better days!!!