Friday, December 5, 2008

Food for Thought

Dear Sysco Driver,

You suck! I would like to sincerly thank you for waking me up every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 4:00AM---NOT ! I have 9:00am class ad I don't appreciate your accessive beeping---its quite rediculous, NewsFLASH there is no one awake this early so its safe to say that no one is eating or in need of your services at such an early hour ! Irritating ! The worst thing is your BEEPING never ends---it continues for about 45 minutes-- um there are only 1000 people at this school what in the world can you be doing for 45 minutes- WE dont eat that much food- So stop your annoying BEEPING and leave--- Another thing-- with there being no one awake at 4:00 AM there in turn is no one around that needs to be warned of your backing up--- I certainly don't need to be awakened from slumber to your arrival and and warning that your large truck is in motion !
Thank you for not caring

Sincerely (to be nice) but with no regard of resepct....
Awakened and Pissed College Student!!!

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