Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why I Love December

There are infinite reasons why I love love love this month and here is a short list:
After you read my post leave a comment with a few reasons you love December

(if you do)

Can't wait to see your responses :)

On with my list:

LOTS of Decorations

Classic and Country Christmas Music

Starbucks EggNogSpice Lattes

White Hot Coccoa

Mistletoe Kisses

making dozens of Christmas Cookies

Stockings :)
Classic Movies(Rudolph and Frosty and the original Grinch)
happiness and joy everywhere
Christmas Lights

Cozy Fuzzy Socks

Decorating Wreathes

Warm Houses

The constant smell of Warmth and Deliciousness

Egg Nog
Warm fleece blankets and cozy couches

Annual V.S. Flannel PJ's

Cute Scarves

Christmas Movies
The FIRST Snow

Putting the star on top of the tree

buying and shopping for the ppl i love <3

Shopping :)
Family Being with old friends
Lazy nights with ppl that mean the most
building snowmen :)
Snow Angels (at least one a year)

Town Celebrations

Parties :)

New Years Eve

UGG boots

Big huge comfy Sweaters

and I wouldn't be human if I didn't say Presents :)

Thats only a short list of the reasons I love this month :)
I'm sure many of you love it for the same reasons :)
Happy Holidays to Everyone

Don't forget to comment with what you love :)


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