Thursday, October 1, 2009

CUtest Party Idea EVVVVVA !

Soooo who DOESN'T LOOOOOVE Lollipops !
This idea is the cutest for a little girls birthday or just a playgroup gathering :)
It's soooo simple and all inexpensive
The ideas are endless so feel free to comment extra ideas you may have.....
(above: lolli invites- a few cute cardstocks layered on a stick and tied with a ribbon) :)

Cookies on a stick, easy easy easy.....bake em, stick em on a stick and roll em in sanding sugars :)

Lollipops - Go figure :)
buy some super cute pops and do up some cute die cuts on the computer....
hole punch them and tie em on with a ribbon...

These above say... "THanks for being Sweet"

Get super creative with this stuff PLEASE----I LOVE door signs !!!!
but they can get SOOO much better than this !!!!

Cupcake tower :) Be sure to put cute little die cuts in them like this too :)

Not a fan of jello cakes but you can virtually do anything you want....
These MArshmellow pops are the easy thing ever and make cute decor for around the party...dip a marshmellow in chocolate and roll it in Sprinkles :)


Ohhh totally forgot go check these out, they would make GREAT additions to a party like this :)


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