Friday, October 2, 2009

FAV photo shoot EVA !

This was one of my favorite assignments EVER
....Sophomore Year
I shot my friend Syd as a Rich, Dignified, Classy somewhat perfect woman.
The underlying theme was, Just because her life seems perfect doesn't mean it is.
Things aren't always as they appear !

The true story is Syd (the model/character)
is hiding her true self under her perfect image.

She is Beautiful, Poised, Intelligent and Classy.
She is very rich and envied by everyone.
Every man both eligible and wed, wishes he was the one to steal her heart.

But for those who can't see the true Syd.....

She is battered, beaten, hooked on drugs and alcohol
and often uses prostitution as a way of income.

Goes to show you....Life isn't as perfect as it may seem.



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