Friday, October 2, 2009

Who wears SHort Shorts !!!!

I LOVE Short Shorts and I think everyone does...BUT....
When is it NOT okay to wear short shorts !

Well a job interview for one....
Meeting the boo's parents, not a good idea....
When you're going to an amusement park....dont pull out the super short guys, some lines go up stairs, hence there will be people beneath you....

You don't have to wear short shorts to be hott !
These aren't short shorts but their still SEXY !

Anyway you get the drift.... can wear short shorts without being tacky....
For example, I have played volleyball for the past 13 years of my life, and my legs definitely show it....I have crazy often man like looking legs.....Heels !- not my friend, they just bust even more !
Haha, now to the opposite sex, this is a good thing, however being a girl, you want toned legs and trust me their toned, but if I work out that day, Ewe....

Anyway....moral of the completely boring scenario....I wear short shorts !
And I work it !

1. I have the legs.
2. I have the butt
3. I am under 30
4. I love the stares from my boy ;)

And from one lady to another...keep it classy and if you've got it FLAUNT IT !


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