Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Brittany.....

This is of my three roomates and here is a recent mishap.....
Stories begins Sunday roomate Colleen and I were driving back from a weekend at home and returned to our room exhausted and ready to relax- yet when we opened the door of Shove Lounge(our residence) we encountered our two roomies and 2 boys---One we knew-One we recognized and a second later another came busting through the door
now this is a weird situation when all the ppl that actually live in the room are there and then someone busts in without knocking--- anyway this one we had never seen ! Which doesn't happen often since College is like High School here- SMALL and DRAMATIC ----- anyway---- they were drinking Keystones and Wine and then the one loser opened his mouth.....

Unknown Loser: I think you chicks should SLap the Bag
(two things wrong with this sitaution don't call me a chick thats a girl to girl phrase and two what the fuck are you, Slap the bag ???)
Us: No thanks we're heading out again (we were trying to escape)
Unknown Loser: Well I think you should Slap the bag (speaking in a rather retarded tone too mind you)-- yeah I think you should SLap the bag.....
Us: What the hell is slap the bag???!!!??
Unknown Loser: Ok--- ( assumes random position similar to that of a gay man about to get reared) ----(motions to Leah) bring that bag over here (wine bag)
Leah: Dont drink it all !
Unknown Loser: Ok.......(fixes gay position)...OBSERVE SLAP THE BAG
------ Literally Slaps the side of a wine bag as if he were scolding a puppy--- then begins to somewhat funnel the wine !
then stands as if he was to recieve a round of applause !!!!

.........Crickets and blank expressions ---- we left the girls to there boys and the Unknown Loser
and exited the room
...not returning for almost 4 find both roomates in bed with boys----yet thank god NOT the Unknown Slap the Bag Loser !!!!!!....Drunk Brittany can be heard quite vividly in here make out sesh with the recognized boy and Leah with an old sleepover buddy .......
Brittany left to go to the recognized boys room to sleep--- and returned in the morning---
a few days later shes sicker than ever and skipping classes-- the recognized boy texts her- "Where are you Brit?"
Dying in bed she respondes....."Oh, thats probably from me", he says.
Loser was SICK !!!! SO Brit suffered illness for 2 1/2 days :(
Coming to find out the Loser almost became facebook official with a so called girlfriend thats amazing and he's in love with and everyone should know the same day !
So not only did he get her sick--- but totally fucked her over----by mysteriously gaining a gf in 2 days that hes head over heels in love with !!! WHAT IS THAT

-----Moral------- background check the health and relationship status before making out with a only recognized boy--- he should either be a stranger--random party boy---or someone you know at least 3 things about.......
Oh pooooooor Brit :(


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