Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kreativ Blogger :)

My Friend Morghan sent me this and I pass it along to anyone else who "Kreativ-ely" expresses themselves by blogging. Feel free to pass along the award and list 6 Things That Make You Happy.

Here are Mine :

1. Hearing from my parents each day :)

2. Halloween is Tomorrow and I am so incredibly excited

3. Facebook, Blogging, Writing my novels... seems to be anything that can keep me preoccupied from doing my work- haha

4. Crafts-- painting picture frames, scrapbooking, collages of any kind :)

5. Sitting around a campfire with Best Friends--- and no cell phones just sharing stories and laughs

6. Tradition--- Holiday and family rituals :) I LOVE ---decorating the tree, Pajamas on Christmas Eve, Apple Picking --- Love it all <3>

Thanks Morg :)

I wanna pass this on to a few of my favorite blogs :)

Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love


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Glossy said...

Thanks for the love! This is going to be fun. I linked you in my fabulous reads section! :)