Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feel Your Boobies !

I'm not sure if everyone knows this but it is October ! 
And October is National Breast Cancer Month ! This means lots of things! 
But one important one--- Mammograms ! They could save your life-- 
My family recently went through a rough time when my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer- it was the first encounter with any kind of disease or illness in my family (we've been very blessed). So naturally we were scared ! But mom was staying strong, for me !  And thi, more than anything!, killed me!
She was going through one of the hardest things she will ever experience and she was worried about me, just a glimpse of the amazing compassion and love this woman has for not just me but everything ! She never worries about herself. But she was terrified. Who wouldn't be--its the unknown and thats one of the most common fears ! Because no matter how many people you speak to that have been in your position- no one can truly ever tell you what you will experience ! 
Think about that ! That's terrifying ! 
Come to find out after weeks of testing and a few biopsies she was diagnosed with 
Stage 0 breast cancer and in moms words- 
"If you're going to get it, I guess its the best it can be">> She amazes me ! 
Basically Stage 0 means that she has 100% survival rate ! And that the Cancer cells are contained mainly within the milk ducts. Nothing sounded so good ! 
My biggest fear was losing my mom, I'm an only child and my parents are my best friends and the thought alone of her being sick made me feel dead.
But the thought of losing her- I can't even describe ! 
So Stage 0 was the best news we had heard !
I left school for a week to stay at home through the surgery and the recooperation ! And I'm estatic to say the surgery went better than ever- aside from the gut wrenching emotional day we spent waiting ! They got everything they needed to get and there will be no kemo -- just a few weeks of radiation ! This to me was the best gift I could have ever asked for !
Mom was worried about the Holidays coming up and not being able to give 100% - 
we're crazy Christmas people haha, But to my family and I just having mom will m
ake it the Best Christmas Ever ! 

There are so many things you can do to help with the Researching of Breast Cancer --- 
go to the Breast Cancer Site. com and check it out ! Learn something thats the first step - spread the cause- the word is contagious and you'd be surprised at who you will reach.

Also Save the Ta-tas Foundation-- which gives 100% to Breast Cancer Research ! !

or Send in Yoplait Yogurt Tops and 10 cents is funded towards mammograms !

Mammograms can save your life and many others
No one wants to lose a loved one
so do yourself a favor and
Feel Your Boobies 
not just in October
 but every month and join the cause !


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