Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bridal Shower !!!

Soooo my best friend is getting married October 27th, I've been in a few before but this was a big deal to me, im the MOH !!! And boy did I agree to a big job, very much fun but crazy stressful !!! We had the shower at a local Italian restaurant a delicious hot lunch buffet with the biggest dessert table (picture does NO justice) mind you maybe only 10 thing total were eaten off of it. Ugh- leftovers...

We had a tiffanys theme and boy did I have fun with that, pearls and diamonds :) yay !!!
Anyway, the day was beautiful, full of laughs, smiles, wine, teasing and treats !!! The wedding is soooo soon and I can't wait to share the Bachelorette Party with you guys :)

Xo Happy Fall !!

Invites (horrible photo of them) by me :)

A fun idea I found as a non-conventional guestbook. Fun idea for lots of photos :)

Hand-made scratchoffs :) by me !!

My gift box :)
a Mackenzie Childs recipe box, posed as a vase, 
containing a bouquet of flowers and fun kitchen utensils :)
There were also two hand-painted plates, by me of course 
(with Morghan's fav Sex and the City and Breakfast at Tiffany's quotes)
Also a set of wine glasses with chalkboard bottoms for easy finds at parties !!
(stay tuned for DIY tutorials)

Dessert table, complete with Audrey :)

Me and the bride to be !!

Ps. Don't forget to stay tuned in for my upcoming jewelry company just a few weeks 
and I'll be on Etsy, bracelets galore !!! 
Til then, believeinme !!

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