Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi Friends !!! My page has been under a series of reconstructive efforts and I'm back, new look, new me. I'm afraid I'll swarm you with posts if I don't quickly update you. I haven't posted since December 2010. Since then, I have experienced the worst roller coaster of my life, a broken heart, college graduation, A Florida/Disney/Beach/Reunion/Vacation, countless interviews, four-five jobs, new friends, new love, lost relationships, three new apartments, promotions, First cruise, another small vacation, a few independent design projects, one HUGE opportunity to hopefully change my design career, bf's promotion that will hopefully move us to SC, and an up and coming independent business of greeting cards, print design, bracelets and creative services !!! Phewf. Im sure everyone else's life has been just as crazy but I sure am ready for fall and now that life has calmed down a smidge, Im ready to start faithfully blogging again. Much love Til then- BelieveInMe

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