Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple Seven

In a world so chaotic, it's the nicest thing to recap and truly reflect on the things that make you happy. Loving life these days. I've been a bit down and feeling a little gloomy because I'm not totally happy with life. It's weird, I've realized more and more lately, how many things and people I have in life to be truly grateful for. Can't wait to start the journey that we have ahead of is within the next year but so happy to be enjoying each day along the way, the little things :)

New found love-exploring the local liquor store :)

Experiments in the kitchen :) Amazing flatbread pizza :)

Constant laughter with friends

New presents from bf :)

Working away on bracelets to open the shop !!

Really sweet tips at the bar, NOT !

Fab New Find- Pumpkin Cream cheese and cinnamon bagels :)

Til Next time, XOXO Meg

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