Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrapper Awards !

I also received the Honest Scrap award from the lovely Jules @ Chic and Pink
Who's Blog is Fabulous by the way <3

With this award, I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself. So....

1. Paranoia is my middle name ! Figuratively

2. Ummmm I'm terrified of flying-which could be a huge issue seeing that I what to travel everywhere haha

3. I'm incredibly jumpy- which is directly correlated to my paranoia I assume haha- literally the tiniest things make me jump, even if I expect it haha

4. Post- Its- absolute obsession! Don't ask me how many packages I have I can't count that high.

5. Funny thing: Sophomore year in High School I began to collect Dum Dum wrappers, with the goal in mind of making rainbows out of them, like Mod Podging them onto the boots- I thought this was the coolest idea ever- needless to say never happened- but I have almost 3000 !!!!! I can't part with them hahah

6. Within the past few days one of my best friends was taken from me, he was a brother to me. I have never experienced so much pain. The feeling is still so surreal. But I know he's watching us, and he's happy where he is. "Nothing is fair in love, but love is what gave him his life, and love is what will get us through together."

7. I laugh entirely too much, wait there is no such thing haha- I've added about 12 years to my life :)

8. Chalk- I hate it- no idea why- couldn't tell you why haha- just can't stand it ! Chalkboard, never- Tum's even make me cringe.

9. I'm in love with country music ! The stories mean everything to me

10. I'm writing a novel. A fantastic one too I'll add. :)
The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second present the award to@ other bloggers.

I now give this award to the following lovely ladies:

Jill @ Peeptoe pumps and pearls
Sara @ Football and Fried Rice
Lipgloss Lounge

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