Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebration of THursday, Mad Gab, and the Number 100 !!

For one I suck, I had no idea I was at my 10oth Post !!!! WOO HOO ! What a milestone!
That is exactly how stressed I am, I have entirely too much on my plate right now,
I can't keep up with the amount of work that I have
and my roommate and I live in an absolute pigsty !
No joke !

Haha I warned you !

We do however have a really cute door I recently created :)

School is redic this semester, for one Stats=DEATH. Two, I have entirely too much homework in Advanced Graphics and Advertising adn Developmental Psych occupies my mind so my thinking in all other aspects of life are swayed. We Party Lots, Laugh More, and Sleep little to none, my life is completely depicted right now by the song I Love College by Asher Roth find him on youtube, great song. Also speaking of youtube, look up Kittens inspired by kittens, No I'll give you a link, here you go watch that ! It will make your day, I'm not kidding.
So yes back to school, nah nevermind thats enough on school.
We had our weekly homemade Sunday dinner and a movie this week, Miss Ashlee made a delish Chicken Asparagus Dish with white rice- out of this world! The week before I made a garlic ziti pasta bake with fabulous italian bread. About 5 of us like to start the week out with a homemmade meal, it feels good on Sundays to have warm yummy food and good friends to spend the night with. We never get any work done but oh, well. It's College haha.
And this is my life !
That's C- DeCrack ! The Roommate ! She'll kill me !

That's the Sydmiester ! She's crazy !

That's The BEaver aka: E- Crow as she has named herself, she thinks she can Rap

And thats Miss Ash and Me ! Oh boy is all I can say
I seem to think I'm awfully attractive haha, and Ash hasn't learned to smile properly yet !

Thats Us Lately HAHA !

So were decorating martini glasses sometime this weekend, YAy ! Erin and Syd made their papermache letters to match ours this week. And speaking of the weekend, tomorrow night to kick it of were going out for Sushi !
Ashlee and Felicity haven't experienced the wonderful world of Sushi !
And I have decided it is time for them to become one of the obsessed !
MMmmm and Sushi, for Valentines day, Prince Charming and I went to a place back home called Plum Garden, JApanese deliciosity ! OMG- they made it at our table, it was like a dinner show, extremely entertaining and so yummy !
We got lost ont eh way but it was an adventure. Memories everyday. :)

Hmmm so whats next, I love the song Hero by Akon, have you heard it. It's not the most politically correct song, but oh well. The language is a little explicit, but I love it ! Akon's voice is just mezmerizing to me.

Mad Gab Party Tonight- So excited I am the QUEEN of MadGab ! QUEEN !!!
Give this one a guess:
Canoe Key Pace He Grit

(I'll post the answer to it tomorrow)
HAHAH I love this game ! Can't wait.

I was awake until 530 this morning then went to sleep to wake up at 8:00 for class that was wonderous, and hey I was writing a paper for a class that was cancelled I love that !
Ugh that was irritating.

Ok well here it comes !!!! The 100th Post !!!!!!!
There will be a giveaway and I will post that tomorrow I want to be able to have a picture of the gifts for when I post the giveaway.
Hint Hint, the lucky winner will be receiving some of my favorite things !!!!!
Ok lovers have a great night.
I'll probably post that tonight actually so be on the look out !!!!
Meg <3>

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