Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tears of Joy, Hurt, Betrayal- WTF !

Monday TV's Big Winner, Melissa!!!, er, No, Wait, Molly:

Muddle-headed Jason Mesnick led The Bachelor to its most watched season finale.

The numbers for The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, where the Mednick's mess got messier, were off the charts!


For those of you watched last night, you may agree. I've loved Jason since I saw him on The Bachelorette, he had the "good guy vibe" and honestly he seemed to be the epitome of a man, I was devastated when Deanna broke his heart. My opinion of Jason was reinforced every episode this season....

However, my feelings for this guy have done a complete 180 (kind of like Jason’s feelings for Melissa.) if I could exggerate I would, I'm so MAD !

He is currently on my sh** list…along with every other girl's I know. And Molly took him back!!! WHAT ! ? After that! I guess it's good because I don’t know of any other girl on the planet that would date this tool after last night’s ‘After the Final Rose’ show.

1. I wish Molly would have been like F U you jerk, being the selfish idiot she is though she took him back, they were all lovey and kissy ! Come ON ! I couldn't stop screaming!!!

2. Molly, You idiot ! Why would you want to be 2nd Best !? He dumped you once, proposed to Melissa, and then decided oh shoot I still like the other one I sent home, I'll ask her out again, hahaha ! Seriously Girl ! Have some Courage ! He's an Ass !

3. Melissa was so dignified sitting there letting her heart continue to break, her reaction just proved to everyone how amazing she is, she proved over and over last night that she was the best person for him, both in the Finale and the After Show, so level headed and intelligent with her words and reactions. I was proud of her :) We all knew she was a great girl from the start, but the way she handled that topped the charts !

My heart goes out to Melissa, I love her. My heart was breaking just like hers :(

And PLEASE all of the crying he did was a little MUCH for me. It seemed as if he knew he made a bad choice when he let Molly go, those tears ! I mean, I like a sensitive guy, but dear GOD, get a f****** grip!!!!!!!!!

Come On….

Its not really about the fact that Jason ”changed his mind”….A fickle pickle as Jimmy Kimmel chose to word it. Every guy changes their mind, I mean their guys. In reality, every other Bachelor in history has had a change of heart (minus Trista and Ryan). I love love love them ! I mean I guess no one watches the show to get a fairytale ending, but it would have been nice to let us enjoy the happiness for more than a minute. Literally ABC ! Wow! I went from Beyond Excitement to Shear Devestation in like, yeah, a minute ! I understand people change their minds, Jason is no exception. But to agree to dump your fiance on NATIONAL TELEVISION??? WOW !

And no this is worse, He agreed to dump his fiancee on National Television for his Ex, who he was the one that sent her home ! WHAT !!!!!????

Jason has conquered a new low! I hope the money they paid him was worth it, he needs to hire a body guard or two, seriously, he is going to need one when he goes in public. Or maybe he could loan his portion of the earnings to Melissa for all the therapy she is going to need after this is over. Haha

Earmuffs Baby Ty (Virgin Ears)…

It is a good thing Ty can’t read, well I guess he might be able to, he's almost 4 right. Can you read when you're 4??? Hmm, it;s been a long time, I guess if he's advanced he could. Anyway assuming Ty can't read haha and he doesn’t know how to use the internet (which actually it is likely he may, it is 2009)……because there is plenty of hatred circling cyberspace, especially bloggyland, over his mean daddy. Let’ s just hope that he isn’t allowed to watch tv either. WOw, that sucks !

Jason is the most hated bachelor in history.

Molly, Baby ! What !?

I was reading BLog posts early this morning to see other feedback on last nights disaster, one comment said this:

“I am a Dallas native and have a mutual friend of Melissa’s. The call I got last night prior to the show was shocking…This is the scoop, yes Melissa knew what was going on. Who walks onto a set with no audience and doesn’t have some idea what’s going on…ie, her canned reaction to the situation. Melissa was paid a substantial amount of money by ABC for what I am about to tell you. Yes, Jason probably still thought about Molly due to the fact he slept with her during the show and now she is pregnant. That is one of the reason’s she kept saying she didn’t understand why he wasn’t willing to fight for them. She wanted to try to work through the “bomb” Molly dropped on their life, but “Mr. Goodguy” couldn’t do that. The feelings between his legs he feels for Molly will soon be gone when her hormones spin out of control and he loses the zazazing for her too. ”

Okay, for real? Molly is preggers? I told every ONE of my friends that they were doing it in that tent! Totally explains why Molly was like I just don't understand, WOW. As well as her stating, "In the beginning we were so physical, but I developed feelings so much more." Oh the twists and turns of this demented man. I hope the prego thing is just a rumor…or is this the 2nd twist of TOnight !!!!! WOW !

That sucks if that's the reason he can't be happy with Melissa, life can't be that drastically different away from cameras, certainly their chemistry couldn't have been that different, but it makes sense, In love with Melissa, but Preggers Molly occupies his mind and he should do the right thing and be with her, hmmmm.

We'll find out !

Don't forget that 10:00 ABC tonight Part II !

And now I see why your ex-wife divorced you…

….Or wait…did you divorce her because you ‘changed your mind’?


Congratulations ABC!

If your goal was to have everybody and their brother talking about the show…you have succeeded. But, I must admit, I think it is pretty sad and completely wrong that you did it at the expense of Melissa’s heart. Paying Jason to dump her on National TV was about as wrong as it gets. Just an fyi: you totally did not need to do that for ratings purposes. We would have all still watched next season without this dramatic ending.

The next Bachelorette…..

For a second there was a part of me that wondered if Melissa could possibly be the next Bachelorette. Her snide remarks (”your a bas***d”) and sheer facial expressions when Jason dumped her were priceless. Or maybe it was her ability to bust out sheep jokes at the drop of hat when she met Ty? Did anyone else notice that? I was like, man she is sharp with the jokes, but then I quickly came to the conclusion that that too was probably prompted by ABC. I can just hear them now. “Now Melissa, there is going to be a point where you are going to have to tell a sheep joke.” And then they give her the sheep joke script and tell her to stick in her back pocket. Either way, I would love to see her come back and be the next Bachelorette…but I am sure since her parents continue to be M.I.A., ABC would want nothing to do with it.

However I hope she says No ! I want the poor girl to find love in her own way :)

Jason would probably pull a Deanna! And come back to her and say I made a mistake, I want you back ! hah

Tonight’s drama…

The preggers Rumor ! YES ! That's My guess


My comment remains……..I HATE YOU JASON MESNICK!

2 birds !!!!!!!!


One Extremely Pissed Reality TV Viewer

Jason, We're Just Not that Into You ! (Yahoo!)

Recap :(

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