Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Distorted Mirrors

She gazes into the mirror
searching for truth
but finds only faults
her perspective misconstrued
tainted by the media's lies
bombarded by toothpick thin girls in magazines
touched up meticulously
distorted well beyond the point of recognition
transforming unrealistic models
into impossibly flawless mannequins
in which young girls all over
aspire to imitate
She doesn't see the beautiful human staring back at her in the mirror
instead she sees a total stranger
full of blaring imperfections
the bump on her cheek
her thighs too plump
her lips too slim
and her figure never slim enough
she was no barbie
and no super model
a brilliant student
a kind compassionate friend
but these were not societal values
for looks are everything
and perfection is our goal
she overlooked the lively sparkle in her pensive eyes
along with her beaming dimples when she smiled
didn't see the beauty in her artful expressive arms or the way her lovely long tresses swayed in the wind
she's been taught to be a trouble shooter
not an appreciator, overlooking her unique beauty
she skips another meal ingoring the desperate pleas of her boney body
though her bones show thru her skin
her little body's been starved for appreciation
even more than food

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