Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And We Wonder Why.....

The previous post is a poem about women's self are a few
For one this is not how women look everyday haha
This isn't even how these**** women look everyday !

Why is it that women's "general interest" magazines feature lame cover stories such as
"The Secret Girlfriend Weapon to Keep him Satisfied" when men's magazines have nothing about keeping women satisfied. It seems as if women are being sold magazines that keep us trained to behave a certain way and that way is to keep men happy. I thought we were over that but I guess not. Furthermore, the creators of these magazines assume that all of their reader's are heterosexual and middle class.

Wow !

Looking at a men's magazine like Maxim, it is the total opposite of what the women's magazines suggest. Instead women are seductively posed, wearing next to nothing. There are photo spreads titled, "The Most Beautiful Women on the Planet." Maybe they are, but couldn't any woman be just as beautiful with a full team of assistance including hair, make up and professionally airbrushed pictures? In the case of men's magazines women are the product.

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