Friday, December 3, 2010

Deep Thought...

Its one of those days...I feel totally lost. And the thing is on days like these, he's the only one to make it better. Just a look, that look that tells me he's there through absolutely everything, thats all that I need. I woke up this morning in a grey cloud, just that feeling that today would be an awful day. I went to my History of Visual Communications class and aced a test. After that, black hole. I wanted to go to bed and never wake up. I pride myself on positive feelings and always being optimistic, so when I feel like this I just wanna hide, bury the imperfections and disappear. My mood always subsides, but today feels different. Like I'm not gonna get over it or something. I need some distractions, being an art student and having no art courses this semester has both been a drag and depressing. I miss being totally immersed in designing and chaos. I miss feeling like my education had a purpose. And the sadder thing is in less than 6 months it will all be over.
I've never been so excited to get on with my life and really make something of myself, but recently, I'm more scared than ever !

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