Monday, November 8, 2010

Been gone for far too long....

Sooooo, I've been in Florida since January. On nothing but a Disney Internship. Experience of a lifetime if I must say anything. Crazyyyyy. Im still unsure if anything I did was worth it. I'm behind in school, officially the laziest person ever, want to do nothing beneficial for myself, just have fun. Sad thing is, back to reality I've been since Sept. and boyyyyy can I tell you its been the hardest thing in my life. Getting back after a 7 month vacation..... HA !!!!
Not sooo simple.
I miss Florida, everyday. Not the job even for a second. But the memories and the freedom, thats hard to find here at home.
Battling sadness and trying to figure out who I really am, is hard and challenging but I'm embarking on a journey to truly discover who I am.

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