Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Beginning to the Blog !

1st Off.... I want you to understand I’m from a small town in New York, very small, the cows are close in numbers, here we have a few things in common with everyone around, big families, long driveways and huge hearts. I’m an only child and the center and soul of my parents lives, I adore puppies, cant ever get enough ice cream and could walk around the lake for hours. I could spend days on a boat and take a wine tour weekly, I miss High School, I love my Volleyball Senior Team more than any group Ive ever been a part of. My parents are my best friends. I have a fedish with designer bags and lip gloss. I think with my heart nearly, no, all the time. My head always gets in the way. Creating and dreaming are my two biggest pastimes, I’m always doing something big. I dream to open a Bed and Breakfast,
I love the city but belong in my small town, a sundress is my choice of apparel and I have found the love of my life in a guy the exact opposite of me in every way. Despite every feeling and thought I haev each day, I know I have found the guy I am going to marry ad share my life with, and I can honestly say that I have never in my life been happier. So i guess the comments and stories that will be shared after this post are those of my life, my thoughts, my dreams and my favorite things. Foremost, understand this, I am now and always a country girl <3

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