Monday, September 7, 2009

Amazing photograph to follow

If you can't appreciate an AMAZING can't be my friend!
If you haven't noticed or remembered from before, I am absolutely IN LOVE with photos....all photos, especially those ones that make you go, "Wow" or "Awe" or the ones that make you say absolutely NOTHING at all :)
I Love those !
And I really wish I could show you my "Wow" photo of this weekend, but of course, as with everything in life there is a disappointment ! Actually this is more just retarded.
So we went White water rafting this weekend.....which you can read about in my next post, after I upload a few pictorals :)
Anyway= A-MA-ZING!!!!!
I mean I had sooooo much fun, looked like a drowned sewer rat at the end of the trip but amazing !!!!!
Anyway back to the retarded photo....okay since cameras weren't allowed or more likely just it wouldn't be an intelligent decision to take one on a Rafting trip, I mean they are raging river rapids in which one may ACTUALLY drown. I figured the camera idea not a smart one. hehe can purchase photos of your raft from the company....which are generally what $20.00 for a 4x6, oh and 35.00 if you want the absurdly thin piece of shitty cardboard to go around it !
But we looked over the photos when we left and found need of a rememberal (not actual word) from the day....we were shocked.....Only $11.00 for a photo !!!
Which still seems insane and even more so that we were excited about the $11.00 photo, but we were ! :)

Here comes the crazy part...we didn't even get it !
just a piece of paper saying we bought a CD....
We (at which point I mean Syd, she paid)
paid $11.00 for a CD with ONE picture on it.....hmmmmm....
So not only do we (syd) not receive a shitty piece of absurd cardboard that has no real purpose other than to detract dust, jk doesn't do that either, they have gigantic holes in them.....Not only did we not get the cardboard, we didnt even get paper.
We have to print the pictures too.....

Okay, sorry now to the crazy part.... Saturday was September 5th....
the little paper that we paid $11.00 for. In tiny fine print (WARNING FINE PRINT)
in the tiny fine print, it states...your CD will be shipped to you........
Oh well Cool. At least we don't have to drive 1 1/2 to get a CD.
.......your CD will be shipped to you in a month (from today) meaning our CD was going to arrive until on or after October 5th !!!!
Excuse me, but what is gods name takes so long??
Its an image on a disk that we could have walked away with....
Yet it takes 30 days to get to us..... not 7-10 business days, but 20-30 not including weekends and holidays haha....who knows...we'll have it for Halloween !
I'm assuming we may have gotten ripped off, but maybe not.

Ohhh we said screw it, laughed, it was free, LAUGHED,
we got wettttt, the tour guide was in a weird, yet cute, in his own way HOTT !
and had a fucking blast !

WHite Water Rafter Adverturer Meghan

(i will now find inspirational/amazing photographs to make up for my terribly lame story)


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