Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thats ME......

Yay !
I am officially 20 !!!!
I can't explain the excitement and fear that I have experienced.
I know everyone keeps telling me that's so young.
I understand that but its the leaving my childhood part that's scary.
20 is just a number and next year it will be 21 and then soon 40, and so on...
I know someday I will be wishing it was 20. But aside from having an absolute PERFECT PARTY and a perfect week. I was not happy to be turning 20. Wow on average that means I have lived 1/5 of my life ! AHHHHHH !!!!
Now That's scary !
But then I think to myself holy cow, I have done and accomplished SO MUCH in the past ten years ! I mean I was ten ! Shit !
Thats crazy ! Ten years !
Seems so short, but looking back it was absolutely wonderful.
And the lessons and experiences I have lead could not have been any better :)

Looking forward

Almost Forgot !

I have BRide Wars !
Love it ! Watch it ! Adore it !

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Jules said...

Happy 20th Birthday!