Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Proposal......

The fast approaching Season Finale of The Bachelorette was a big event in my house !
We had cake and drinks and lots of assumptions of the finales outcome....

I'm sorry to say the season ended with tears-although it generally does.
This Season however they were extremely sad tears. Followed by unexpected happy tears.
I have to say I fell in love with Kiptyn- head over heels.
And Ed, well I felt he was a bit Nerdish :(

But after seeing their chemistry together when she could truly express her hidden feelings- their happiness lt up the screen.
Jillian absolutely beemed when she accepted Ed's proposal of marriage with the 60,000 $$$$ Neil Lane Diamond ! Holy mackrel !

It was not my choice of rings- but gorgeous in it's own.

Jillian looked absolutely stunning in her off white flowing gown.
(of which I wish I owned the clone hehe)

In the end I guess Jillian is happy, and that is after all the point.
But I felt for Kiptyn, really did.
And Reid. Damn it. Broken heart twice !
That man was undoubtably in love.

And his return to the Season Finale was nothing short of passionate !
I loved him :(

Four Questions for Jill however,

1. Ed left you once for his career- don't you think that might come back into effect??

2. A Malfunction in the bedroom would be a major Red Flag to most women, and you seemed awfully concerned that, that Passion and Fire wasn't there at first, won't that be a problem ????

3. Do you really like those flipping Green shorts !!!!???

4. Do you use Opi (Bubble Bath) nail polish---I love it !????

All in all- I loved this season, and the outcome I guess was spectacular, they seem in-imaginably crazy in love ! <3


The second proposal of the season was a bit more comedic, The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and the lovely Sandra Bullock !
Nothing short of Amazing.
Absolutely funny to the T.
Excellent story and heart warming at the same time :)

Great night out on the town....
5 stars !!!

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